Drone 3D mapping, Facility Design, 3D Factory Layouts, and more.

3D scanning servicesThe design phase of a construction project is always the most important. Errors occurring here can cause the most significant delays and cost overruns. Designers and engineers require precise information about the workspace to prevent these problems. Our 3D Scanning Services provide this information.

The purpose of laser scanning is to create an accurate 3D rendering of a structure. From this rendering, computer software can extract precise dimensions of any section of your workspace. It’s this accurate dimensional information that designers and engineers require.

Some of the 3D Scanning Services DSI offers include: Drone 3D mapping, Facility Design, 3D Factory Layouts, 3D BIM Models, 3D Drawings, Field Checking, Clash Detection, 3D scans for Reverse Engineering and more.

It Is Important to Use As-Is Dimensional Data

If you are lucky, you have blueprints and other drawings to use as a starting point for your construction project. The problem is that those documents may not accurately describe the building in as-is condition. Variances may be the result of:

  • Undrawn change orders;
  • Undocumented or unplanned construction modifications;
  • Poor implementation of the blueprint specifications;
  • Addition, removal, replacement or relocation of essential equipment; and
  • Reconfiguration of warehouse, storerooms and other areas.

A good engineer will tell you that any design based on these original documents is a recipe for failure. Having 3D scanning services to collecting accurate measurements of the relevant areas of the structure is an important first step. With that up-to-date information, the design phase can begin.

3D Laser Scanning Is Fast, Efficient and Accurate

3D laser scanningTraditionally, the collection of as-is dimensional data has been a manual process. People with tape measures, sketch pads and calculators move throughout the structure. Their job is to collect all the dimensional data necessary for the 3D scanning service’s designers to do their job. Next, someone will return to the office and manually enter this data into a computer-aided design (CAD) system. Once the data entry is complete, the designers hopefully have an accurate as-is CAD rendering of the relevant portions of the structure.

The problem with all manual processes is that they introduce potential points of failure. Human errors here would include:

  • Not collecting enough data;
  • Inaccurately measuring or recording the data;
  • Not detecting and quantifying irregular walls;
  • Not detecting and quantifying unlevel floors;
  • Incorrectly transcribing the data into the CAD system.

Our 3D Scanning Services provide an accurate and robust solution to mapping your structure’s dimensional information. It quickly collects millions of data points and sends them in real-time to our computers for processing. This process permits the speedy creation of a 3D rendering of the scanned data. It provides a more accurate as-is depiction of the building than is possible from the few hundred or thousand points collected manually.

The 3D Rendering Is Only the Beginning

Rendering your structure using those data points is only the first step. We can convert your data to 3D CAD format. We can also create 2D slices of your rendering. We will work with you to get the dimensional information you want in the format that you need. You will discover that our 3D scanning technology offers a wide variety of options for receiving the final results.

Drone 3D Mapping

Drone 3D mappingStandard 3D scanning requires a stationary platform. In addition to our standard scanning, we now also offer drone 3D mapping” services. Deploying 3D laser scanners on drones opens a whole new world of 3D data collection. Under the control of our certified pilots, drone-mounted scanners can collect data from places beyond the reach of fixed-mounted units.

3D Laser Scans Are a Good Start to Any Construction Project

Our 3D scanning services team consists of over 300 engineers. Every day, we provide World Class solutions for customers like you. Whether you are around the corner or on the other side of the world, we are ready to help.

In the video above you can see how DSI Laser Scanned a Facility and created a 3D model such as this 1.8 Million Sq. ft. facility. Here we are using scan data to capture the customer’s facilities and turn it into a 3D model. Working with the customer and their vendors to bring the models and point cloud together to validate the system and equipment design in the virtual environment prior to field install, helping to streamline the installation. This process expertly conducted by DSI provides an excellent way to mitigate cost by designing to avoid interferences, field check at your desk, provide clear RFQ information for bids, reduced travel, 3D reviews and buyoffs in your conference room instead of the facility floor.

Avoid project delays and cost overruns due to bad structural data. Take the uncertainty out of your next construction project. Invite the Design Systems, Inc. 3D scanning services team to join your next industrial project. You can contact us using the online form or call us at 1-800-660-4DSI (4374).