Electrical Engineering Firms

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What is Electrical Engineering?

Electrical engineering encompasses a broad spectrum of electrical specialties including power and utilities, residential, commercial, and industrial facilities, industrial and power electronics (machine signal processing, motor control, and machine communications), along with electronics and computer engineering. Some electrical engineering firms choose to specialize in very specific areas such as robotics, process instrumentation, or telecommunication projects.

Yet, in all specialities, the major role of an electrical engineer is typically the design and layout of electrical and/or electronic circuits that are balanced in such a way that the power distribution is efficient and the risk of fire, shock, or injury is minimal. Whether it is developing microelectronic, PCB circuits for devices or designing high voltage substations for industrial facilities, the electrical engineer uses the science of electricity, electronics, electromagnetism, physics, and mathematics to develop, test, and supervise any project that is electrically-powered or electronically-controlled.

Common Services Electrical Engineering Companies Offer

Electrical engineering companies are experts in the management of electrical projects, which would include project estimates and material procurement, manpower scheduling of electricians, and project start-up and system troubleshooting.

When high voltages are involved in an electrical power distribution project, an electrical engineer is critical for analyzing and coordinating possible fault currents that can cause power interruptions, electrical equipment failure or damage, and electrical fires.

Common services you can expect from electrical engineering firms include:

  • Control Systems Design and Architecture
  • Motor Control Center Layouts
  • Development of Electrical Schematics
  • PLC Programming and Human Machine Interface (HMI) Design
  • Field Wiring Drawings
  • Indoor/outdoor lighting and power distribution
  • On-Site Testing and Commissioning

Benefits of Hiring Electrical Engineering Services

When you hire an electrical engineer for a new installation or retrofit, you have the assurance that your power circuits are safe. Electrical engineers carry the responsibility of mitigating arc flash conditions – a phenomenon where a flashover of electric current violently leaves its intended path and travels through the air with serious injury and even death to anyone in close proximity.

Electrical engineers can also make sure your systems are energy efficient. For an existing facility, old wiring and older components can cost a facility thousands in wasted energy per year. Electrical engineering companies are up-to-date on the latest in solar energy, diesel generators, turbines, and many other technologies that can bring a return on your investment.

There are many modern facility technologies that electrical engineers can install to help businesses operate smarter and safer. Building automation systems that reduce energy usage by controlling lights and HVAC systems, sensors that can detect environmental conditions like water leaks, and advanced heat, smoke, and flame detectors are all digital-electrical technologies that electrical engineers are experts in,

How To Choose an Electrical Engineering Firm

Because the field of electrical engineering has many specialties, always choose an electrical engineering services firm that staffs engineers with the appropriate engineering degree and experience to suit your project. For example, facility power and process automation are industrial electrical engineering specialities that focus on upgrading facility power systems and designing the control systems for equipment that runs factory processes or production equipment.

A good electrical engineer should also put safety first when working on any project. Safety is a big part of an electrical engineer’s job, along with knowledge of government regulations or industry practices contained in the National Electrical Code and local building codes.

When it comes to trustworthiness, you can depend on electrical engineering firms that have a portfolio of successful projects which demonstrate their experience and expertise in areas that are not directly associated with the design of power and control systems. This includes supply chain services (project estimation and material procurement), 3D scanning of existing facilities, project management.

Industrial Engineering Consulting

Design Systems Inc. (DSI) is an engineering firm that staffs electrical engineers who use their talent and knowledge to deliver the best solution for your industrial project. We offer a wide range of industrial engineering services to help take your operations to the next level of digital and electrical technology, including LEAN manufacturing services and specialty electrical services like drone 3D mapping, 3D scanning services, simulation engineering.

DSI has provided electrical engineering services for over 35 years, supplying industrial facilities with engineered solutions that are specifically designed to suit their operations and facility. When it comes to expanding your facility or increasing the capacity of your production lines, partner with a solutions-driven firm like DSI that will work hard to get your company back on track and moving forward.