What Can an Engineering Consulting Firm Do for You?


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Sometimes an outside perspective is just what an industry needs to solve an operational or industrial dilemma. Textile, aerospace, paper industries and more depend upon smooth operations and efficient distribution if they are to grow and develop. An engineering consulting firm such as Design Systems, Inc. has experience working with industries to provide external perspectives and solution development strategies to get companies back on track and moving forward. This results from a multi-disciplinary team directing their energy and experience towards a solution that can benefit your company.

Combine Ideas from Multiple Disciplines

The plethora of perspectives used by an engineering consulting firm is highly valuable when breaking down a problem and constructing a solution. An engineering solutions provider brings together multiple disciplines and team members with unique areas of expertise when analyzing a challenge. Such teams usually include management professionals, professional engineers, and individuals specialized in association for supply chain management. For example, our engineers as DIS have experience in fields that include, but are not limited to, electrical, structural, facility design, and mechanical engineering.

It is valuable to bring in an external team when developing solutions because they can provide fresh perspectives on problems and overall approaches that someone saturated in the industry may not consider. After analyzing a problem, individuals with different backgrounds in engineering, biochemistry, and management work together to come up with the best solution. These teams can be adapted to work on small- or large-scale projects for locally based or nation-wide companies. Combining experience from multiple technical arenas means using a well-rounded external perspective to best understand challenges faced by your company.

Implement a Solution Focused Approach

Industries have many different responsibilities, including research, development, manufacturing, and distribution. With everything else going on, it may be difficult to find the resources, skills and time required to best analyze challenges and draft solutions. An engineering consulting firm has one job, and that is to find the solution to the challenge at hand. The challenges may include launching a new product, reducing waste or implementing automation. When you work with an engineering services provider such as DIS, you work with a company that can devote time and energy to warehousing or distribution and manufacturing or industrial solutions.

Coming up with the best solution means combining the knowledge and skills of an advisory team from the consulting firm with the experience and company-specific related knowledge of members of your company. This is why consultants typically work on site and in person, to develop an informed and detailed understanding of the problem at hand from site analysis and conversations with stakeholders. When working with an engineering consulting firm, you take an intentional step towards achieving a solution in the most efficient way possible.

Apply Past Experience

As part of an engineering consulting firm, team members have experience analyzing many different types of problems. After working on numerous projects, such as health care management or relocating facilities, they have a grasp of what does and does not work. When you work with an engineering consulting firm such as DIS, you work with years of experience engrained in an industrial engineering services company. This experience is invaluable and saves you time when working towards an effective solution.

DIS brings 35 years of experience and a multi-disciplinary team approach to challenges and goals faced by industries in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We have a strong history working with equipment and IT systems, organizational structures, planning, operation management, and product and waste. Learn more about how Design Systems, Inc consultants can develop solutions for your company today by calling 1-800-660-4374 or by visiting us online.