What Is Industry 4.0?

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industry 4.0According to those in the know, human history has so far witnessed four industrial revolutions. The first involved the development of the steam engine, which spurred industry in previously agrarian societies. The second occurred when electricity was applied to manufacturing processes, which resulted in the mass production of goods. The digital revolution was the third industrial revolution, which included the arrival of the personal computer and the internet. In a sense, industry 4.0 is an offshoot of the digital revolution, but takes the capabilities of digital technology and pushes them to great new heights. The same can be said of Design Systems, Inc. (DSI) in Farmington Hills, MI.

DSI uses more than three decades of on-the-ground experience to help its clients leverage the power of new technology in a number of ways, specifically within the manufacturing and industrial realm. By offering the following information, they explain how the digitization of industry continues to evolve and how this evolution can help you.

Understanding the Internet of Things

While the phrase “the internet of things” (IOT) is thrown around quite a bit, its true meaning can be tough to discern. In the simplest terms, IOT refers to devices capable of making connections to the internet. This could be any device, from a washer and dryer to complex machining equipment used within an industrial setting. Even components of larger machines, such as the engine in a huge jet airliner, can be included in the IOT universe.

Not only can connected devices communicate with the internet, they can also communicate with each other. In the manufacturing world, the benefits of smart equipment are seemingly endless. Work processes can become optimized, while defective equipment can be easily identified and removed from operation. The rate in which processing takes place can also be slowed down or sped up depending on the specific conditions. Effective use of the IOT removes much of the guesswork from manufacturing by quickly performing functions that would otherwise take days or even weeks to complete.

Applications of Industry 4.0 Technology

When it comes to industry 4.0 manufacturing applications, businesses can achieve great things by using burgeoning tech. For instance, managing a supply chain is no easy feat, even with the right information. A single delay can tie up the entire process, while also leading to customer dissatisfaction. Smart technology can communicate delays and make the proper adjustments to reduce hold ups. Access to the cloud is another key benefit. When information remains accessible to more people it’s easier to make important decisions that can impact the success of your business.

In the same token, this information can help you optimize your enterprise. The data produced by essential work equipment provide opportunities for growth. Patterns may emerge show that a piece of equipment is not performing as expected, and business owners will be privy to any issues at a much faster rate so they can devise an effective solution. On-the-spot troubleshooting increases profits, prevents downtime, and assures your business can meet and exceed the needs of your clients’ time and again.

Overcoming Challenges

Of course, for some businesses utilizing new technology to its fullest potential does pose quite a few challenges. While smart devices are far more efficient and produce valuable data, they also entail a security concern. Much like computer servers, smart devices can also be accessed by unauthorized individuals. Additionally, it can be hard to keep abreast of breaches after they’ve occurred, which may lead to further security issues down the line.

Formatting is another issue. How do you ensure all of your smart devices are on the same page when it comes to formatting and internal protocols? While it can be difficult to find solutions or these and other problems, having the right assistance getting online is the first step in the right direction.

That’s where Design Systems, Inc. comes in. Their manufacturing consulting department utilizes a holistic approach to help you devise a solution to get your essential equipment connected. They’ll also ensure all data is properly encrypted, as well as optimize operations and boost profits as a result. If you’d like to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative, feel free to call 1-800-660-4DSI. You can also use their online contact form for more information.