Manufacturing IT Solutions Overview Solution Factsheet

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Today’s manufacturer faces a number of challenges. With increasingly complex processes and the need to stay competitive, goals such as increasing productivity and minimizing costs can seem daunting.

Manufacturing IT can play a significant role in realizing the challenges of the modern manufacturer. It can help optimize production through increased visibility and control of the manufacturing process. This overview breaks down the major building blocks of Manufacturing IT and identifies the tools that address these common challenges.

For a more detailed view of some of the specific solutions within Manufacturing IT, look for the links to our Manufacturing IT Solutions Factsheets.

Process Visualization

Effectively visualize production operations to drive performance and reduce waste

The effective operation of manufacturing facilities can be greatly enhanced by the provision of an accurate, real-time depiction of equipment and work-piece status. The increased availability of technology within a typical manufacturing facility provides the perfect environment to implement this increasingly important facet of the modern manufacturing world.

Specific Solutions: Plant Visualization and Alarm Monitoring


  • Equipment Status Displays
  • Work-Piece Status and Process Flow Displays
  • Calculation and Display of KPIs
  • Alarm Monitoring and Notification
  • ANDON Displays

Order Management

Coordinate and control the manufacturing operation to the required
work orders

The manufacturing facility is a complex environment with one end goal – to produce product according to the needs of the consumer. These Order Management functions are designed to coordinate the various operations within the facility to insure a timely and high-quality delivery of the desired products.

Order Management functions effectively establish the production goals and provide the manufacturing facility with the data and materials to produce according to the consumers needs.

Specific Solutions: Genealogy and Build History, Yard Management


  • Work-Piece Sequencing
  • Process Data Collection and Analysis
  • Rework Management
  • Work-Piece Genealogy and Build History
  • Yard Management and Product Delivery