Reduce Project Costs and Timing – United States Postal Service

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Design Systems, Inc., is poised to respond to customer needs with a large, multi-disciplined engineering and management staff, providing project services from concept through implementation.

Design Systems, Inc., has a large range of postal experience including:

  • New P&DC Facility Fixed Mechanization
  • Ergonomic Analysis and Simulation
  • Noise Abatement
  • Tray Transport and Bulk Mail Transport System design and implementation including parcel and sack mail conveyance and sorters
  • Emergency Egress, Aisle Stripe, Material Flow
  • Powered Industrial Vehicle Flow, monitoring systems
  • Gravity Take-Up/Surge Assessment
  • Composite sorter upgrade
  • Conveyor Upgrades and Modifications
  • Structural Analysis
  • Equipment Enhancement Program – OSHA

Integrated Dispatch and Receipt Program Our USPS qualifications include:

  • USPS Material Handling Systems Engineering Support Services (E.S.S.) 2001-2006
  • Pre-qualified for Next Generation Material Handling System Contracts

Design Systems Inc. qualified as a USPS 2001 Quality Award finalist.

Design Systems, Inc.‘s multi-discipline engineering teams include:

  • Mechanical/Conveyor Systems
  • Structural
  • Electrical/Controls
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Simulation / Emulation
  • Paint/Environmental
  • Computer Services

DSI is uniquely qualified to provide the USPS with the engineering and managerial tools necessary to improve deployment strategies, shorten design times, improve design efficiencies, and oversee implementation of new programs.

  • Experienced with all levels of postal process and equipment from bulk mail handling conveyance to letter sorting machines
  • Mail process knowledge and background leads to process driven designs that accommodate reduced manpower requirements with ergonomic considerations.
  • Conveyor/Equipment – Health Assessments
  • Conveyor/Equipment – Layout Design
  • Structural Validation
  • Experience in bulk mail centers
  • Experience in process distribution center / facility
  • Experience in airport mail center / facility