Industrial Engineer – 0427-A

Design Systems, Inc.

Greenville, OH

Position Duties:

  • Qualified, capable and experienced external Industrial Engineers (IE) resources, will lead actions leveraging
  • Traditional IE activities, including, but not limited to, evaluating Benefit to cost, building standard work,
  • Non-value added (NVA) work improvements, value stream and line balancing.
  • Some preliminary work has been done by the advanced manufacturing team, but more work is required
  • Creation of industrial engineering related documentation to support Manufacturing System Design activities
  • Collaborates with plant resources (WCM) to data mine information for the project team about potential plant impacts
  • Support analysis of different design concepts and the impacts to the manufacturing process
  • Labor estimates, quality data gathering, WCM data gathering
  • Data presentation to leadership of the findings

Skills and Experience Required:

  • Experience in high volume manufacturing, and fluent in basic Industrial Engineering principles, including but not limited to NVA work improvements, line balancing and process/operation elimination
  • Experience in conversion cost estimates, labor estimates and variable burden estimates
  • Knowledge of Proplanner software and MODAPTS predetermined time system, preferred
  • Project management tracking daily, weekly meeting/update with global advanced manufacturing team, and immediate notification of headwinds that could impact the project timing or savings
  • On site visits 2-3 days per week

Computer Skills:

  • Microsoft Office

Other Requirements:

  • Ability to Travel
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Personal Credit Card

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