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What Is Manufacturing Consulting?

Manufacturing consulting is the process of improving system efficiency and manufacturing processes. Manufacturing consulting services start by identifying inefficiencies in a particular aspect of the company. These could be facility issues, training blind spots or waste in a process.

Next, they create a systematic plan to improve efficiency and reduce waste. This plan could be a total transformation of the manufacturing process or a series of fine-tuning adjustments to optimize a company. Implement the plan and document the process to see how it can improve your bottom line.

What Do Manufacturing Consultants Do?

When you work with manufacturing consultants, you can accelerate business growth, redirect your company or improve the efficiency of your supply chain. Here are some basic areas where a manufacturing consultant can help:

  • Expand your workforce: Younger professionals may be hesitant to enter the manufacturing industry. Consultants can promote the industry and help identify pathways for new employees.
  • Implement lean strategies: It can be overwhelming to attempt to identify and eliminate waste throughout your company. Work with a lean manufacturing consulting company to identify strategies to seek out and remove waste from multiple areas at once.
  • Identify growth strategies: Identify sustainable growth opportunities with the assistance of an experienced consultant. Create long-term growth through innovation and customer base expansion.
  • Improve the supply chain: A top-to-bottom supply chain inspection can identify areas of inefficiency and potential bottlenecks. Strengthen your supply chain with a manufacturing consultation.

Benefits of Working With a Manufacturing Consulting Firm

These steps can be handled by your in-house team, but they require a considerable amount of time and energy. Work with a manufacturing consulting firm to improve your company and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Experienced professionals
  • Specialty skills
  • New perspectives
  • Innovative ideas
  • Cost-saving techniques
  • Low-risk solutions

Consultants have years of industry experience and specialized skills in particular aspects of workplace efficiency. A leading consulting firm can expand your perspective and offer innovative ideas to overcome obstacles.

Working with lean manufacturing consulting firms is less of a risk than hiring an engineer or lean manufacturing specialist. If you aren’t satisfied with the process, or you wish to scale it up or down, it just takes a single conversation. This is far more efficient than attempting to hire a new employee or dismiss an employee if you need to scale down your operations.

How To Choose a Manufacturing Consulting Company

Choose a consulting firm that can help you articulate results and move toward them. As you consider working with a consultant to improve operations or gear up for a big transition in your company, look for a team that offers expertise, clear results, steady improvements and personalized quotes.

Expertise in manufacturing is the first essential feature of a consultant. Without industry experience, your consultant may miss critical steps you could take to improve your process. Choose a consulting firm with a history of steady improvements that lead to clear, verifiable results.

Finally, a personalized quote means you aren’t paying for services that don’t apply to your particular project. The price and level of consulting should be tailored to meet your situation.

Lean Manufacturing Consulting

manufacturing consultants

One way a consultant can help you grow your business and reduce waste is lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing consulting uses a set of principles to systematically identify waste and streamline the manufacturing process. There are many tools and techniques available, but a trained consulting team can help you harness these resources.

With a highly trained consulting team, lean manufacturing techniques help you improve lead times, improve the quality of your products and promote employee satisfaction. Reduce waste and improve your bottom line by targeting areas of inefficiency and taking data-driven steps toward an efficient, lean manufacturing process.

A few advantages lean manufacturing offers is:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced lead times
  • Minimized waste

Manufacturing Consultants

Manufacturing consulting is at the heart of what we do. As a leader among manufacturing engineering companies, we at DSI are confident we have the resources and expertise you need in your manufacturing process. Combining advanced engineering services with the knowledge our consultants provide can provide the manufacturing solutions to your most complex and challenging problems.

Our team can not only provide data driven solutions about your inventory management, floor plan and operational strategy, but we also have the capability to implement them.

Operational Assessments

Every consultation starts with a thorough assessment of the manufacturing process you are looking to improve. We must identify and analyze any manufacturing inefficiency before we can recommend the ideal floor plan, equipment upgrade or assembly line alteration strategy.

Our assessment covers a wide range of operational features. Some manufacturing companies need updated equipment to leverage their experienced team of technicians, while other facilities may require a restructuring of the material flow making up their supply chain. A professional manufacturing operational assessment service can offer wide-reaching and extremely beneficial advantages for your business.

Inventory Management Solutions

How you store, handle, process and ship your inventory is a critical part of your manufacturing business. Even the smallest inefficiencies in this process can dramatically reduce your profit margin. At DSI, our manufacturing consulting services help you follow your inventory through your existing inventory management system. A step-by-step approach identifies any unnecessary or inefficient factors which can be either improved or possibly eliminated in your workflow.

Contact our manufacturing consultants today to get started.