project management servicesAt Design Systems, Inc., we offer a wide range of project management services to improve the efficiency of your company and help your bottom line. Our expert team of project managers, consultants and engineers work with you to find unique and innovative engineering solutions for your most complex projects.

Managing Manufacturing Projects

Managing a manufacturing facility requires state-of-the-art technology, efficient use of space and dynamic prototype designs. While there are many ways that you can update your manufacturing project management process to improve your bottom line, we help you specialize in one or more of these services:

  • Program management services
  • Racking and storage systems
  • Full-service equipment change management
  • Shop floor layout designs

Our program management and project management services start with your trouble point in the manufacturing process. Then, we bring our expert team of engineers and designers to work with you to find a more efficient solution. Our team has experience in a number of industries, so we’re confident we can assist with everything from mechanical engineering consultations to supply chain planning.

A unique project can tax your in-house resources, so work with a consultant who can give you the additional resources necessary to accomplish a unique prototype. From equipment layout to custom fixturing, our engineers and project managers can bolster your expert team to handle the additional workload.

An inefficient manufacturing facility will struggle to excel in a competitive industry. Keep ahead of the competition with industry-leading innovations in manufacturing equipment, supply chain planning and shop floor layout. Aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, defense and other industries can take advantage of an updated layout to maximize the efficiency of every project. This includes the overall layout design, as well as the resources needed to retool, rebuild or relocate a machine.

Integrating Warehousing and Distribution Projects

Modern project management services turn outdated warehouses and distribution facilities into well-oiled machines. A single inefficiency in your distribution and storage process can result in delayed shipments, missing components and a disorganized warehouse. Our management service team offers these competitive services for your industry:

  • MES, or manufacturing execution systems, implementation
  • Simulation engineering
  • Supply chain consulting
  • Mechanical engineering consulting
  • Comprehensive project management services

Our MES implementation starts with an evaluation of your existing facility. We move through the tracking and tracing steps to provide you with a product performance analysis. From there, we can recommend and offer management changes that help your company outpace the competition.

Simulation engineering is a great way to test out a particular machine, equipment or planning strategy without investing in a full-scale redesign of your facility. Through simulations, you can determine the best course of action in the event of foreseen difficulties. While a simulation can’t predict the future, it can prepare you for a wide range of possible or plausible situations your facility may face. By organizing, training and preparing for difficult situations, you provide a layer of protection for your growing facility.

Manufacturing Project Management

Work with mechanical engineers, supply chain experts and general managers to address trouble points in your warehouse or to provide the additional resources necessary to implement a needed reorganization. From SKU tracking to physical shelving, your warehousing and distribution centers need to be synchronized and ready to scale up with your business model. Contact DSI today for more information on our project management services.