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Drones – Aerial Visual inspection with Point Clouds

Design Systems, Inc. provides an aerial solution that is tailored to your project and software used by your company. Our Certified Pilots use their talents for capturing our customer’s objectives. We can document a new land development site, construction progress, current business site, inspect towers, stacks, roofs and much more. This service provides cost effective way to get the information you need.

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Capture and convert the data to a point cloud for engineering, planning and 3D modeling
We provide inspection photos or video for comparison, and a health assessment report to address immediate maintenance concerns and avoid costly issues
Check for heat or cold air loss and electrical inspections. We provide a comprehensive report for you to take action. Preventive maintenance identifies problems before they impact your bottom line
We capture your facility in detail, avoiding travel to the site, create documentation of current conditions, updates and comparisons to planned construction
Photo & Video Documentation
Site planning - where to build and how much site prep required? Monitoring stockpile volumes for construction, mining or agriculture industry is crucial to success. We can get you that information!
Volumetrics Analysis
How We Do It
We will discuss your project with you and document your goals, objectives and software deliverable needs. Our pilots will review your project and plan the site activities in the office to meet you project needs. On site, our team will review with you the flight plan activities and identify a launch and recovery area. After capture, we will process the data to meet your software and deliverable needs.
  • Improves safety and health risks by avoiding putting your employees in hazardous areas for inspections.
  • Reduce costs by using a drone to capture easily damaged roofs and other sensitive areas.
  • Provides a permanent highly detailed visual record.
  • Use the collected data in meetings to review sites or collaborate on projects.
  • Provides a point cloud of your entire site that can be tied in with your building interior point cloud for full site engineering and planning.
  • Reduce cost of multiple people traveling to the site for reviews.
  • Faster and cost-effective data acquisition, especially over large sites and for repeated surveys.

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