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Design Systems is a large multi-disciplined engineering consulting firm with a unique breadth of capabilities that allow us to provide you with the right industrial engineering solutions and engineering services for your business.

Some of the services we offer include supply chain consulting, mechanical engineering consulting, manufacturing execution systems (MES) implementation, simulation engineering, project management services and more.

DSI’s mechanical engineering services stand out in that we also offer solutions utilizing advanced technology such as 2D/3D modeling, Simulation, 3D scanning services such as drone 3D mapping, virtual reality manufacturing and more. Click on the tabs below for more information.

Engineering solutions
Advanced Technologies Capabilities

3D Smart Model

Transformation to the Smart Model

One of the biggest challenges for manufacturing companies in adopting Digital Twin technology is how to migrate existing legacy facilities from 2D to 3D.  DSI has a full complement of services to assist, including 3D Laser Scanning.  Once a virtual model is created, either with Point Cloud or 3D model, data can be added to create a Smart Model.  Systems can be identified in addition to individual assets and capacity intelligence can be added to the model for dynamic change management.

BIM Software

Building Information Modelling Strategies

We utilize REVIT to design and model building & equipment systems. The utilization of this technology allows a project & all the information with it to be managed at an efficient and effective manner across all key project stakeholders in 3D (space), 4D (timing/scheduling), 5D (cost), and 6D (future facilities management info).


Validate future state concepts

Using advanced analytical and modeling software such as AutoMod and PlantSim can simulate your operations to verify design requirements, highlight bottlenecks, and optimize processes.


Emulation Lab

Emulation for Logic Validation

Our high-tech lab can verify the PLC programs and logic before it is installed in the system. This expedites the debugging process and prevents costly issues in the field.

3D Scanning

Virtual Environment Engineers

Capture any space in 3D. Our Faro cameras and extensive knowledge of SCENE, NAVISWORKS, and RECAP software allow us to utilize this technology in an optimal way for your project.


Certified, Licensed, and Insured Pilots

We utilize drone technology for photogrammetry to point clouds, visual inspections, IR inspections, volumetrics, videos for facilities or environmental captures to enhance our service for our customers. This data can be tied in with Facilities interior data for full site planning and engineering.

IR Inspection

Preventing Catastrophe

Our IR Inspections are integral to highlighting potential maintenance issues. Faulty electrical connections or deteriorating bearings can be detected before failure and prevent costly breakdowns.

3D Printing

Quick concept validation

We have in-house 3D printing capabilities for rapid prototyping needs on your project.

Virtual reality

Test real-world scenarios & prevent costly rework

We have cutting-edge virtual reality capabilities. Utilizing software that combines data from current facilities and future equipment design we can immerse individuals in future state reality. Clients can visualize and validate, or modify concepts in virtual reality.

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