Advanced Technologies

From Carriers to Facilities and Beyond

Our team is well versed in many modeling software applications including AutoCAD, Inventor, Factory Design Suite, Catia and more.


Building Information Modelling Strategies

We utilize REVIT to design and model building & equipment systems. The utilization of this technology allows a project & all the information with it to be managed at an efficient and effective manner across all key project stakeholders in 3D (space), 4D (timing/scheduling), 5D (cost), and 6D (future facilities management info).

Validate future state concepts

Using advanced analytical and modeling software such as AutoMod and PlantSim can simulate your operations to verify design requirements, highlight bottlenecks, and optimize processes.


Emulation for Logic Validation

Our high-tech lab can verify the PLC programs and logic before it is installed in the system. This expedites the debugging process and prevents costly issues in the field.

Virtual Environment Engineers

Capture any space in 3D. Our Faro cameras and extensive knowledge of SCENE, NAVISWORKS, and RECAP software allow us to utilize this technology in an optimal way for your project.

Certified, Licensed, and Insured Pilots

We utilize drone technology for visual inspections on facilities to enhance our services to our customers. Our drone can take pictures/video and even 3D scan for our clients.

Preventing Catastrophe

Our IR camera is integral to highlighting potential maintenance issues. Faulty electrical connections or deteriorating bearings can be detected before failure and prevent costly breakdowns.

Quick concept validation

We have in-house 3D printing capabilities for rapid prototyping needs on your project.

Test real-world scenarios & prevent costly rework

We have cutting-edge virtual reality capabilities. Utilizing software that combines data from current facilities and future equipment design we can immerse individuals in future state reality. Clients can visualize and validate, or modify concepts in virtual reality.

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