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Virtual Commissioning for Logic Validation

The Design Systems, Inc. virtual commissioning process establishes a virtual environment for a material handling system with full functionality, feedback, and a 3D graphical view of the complete system. It also creates representations of control panels and allows the common field faults to be applied to the PLC logic. This environment allows an entire material handling system to be analyzed in an office setting without impacting production. We also have the ability to easily stage test scenarios and run the system at full volume to verify capabilities.

Virtual commissioning provides a variety of checking mechanisms to allow the customer and the project partners to verify that the deliverables are in compliance with the scope of work, proper standards, and control methods. Additionally, It also affords the ability to interconnect and effectively test associated control and diagnostic hardware prior to plant installation, further reducing start-up time and providing additional cost savings.

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Even for an item as simple as a prop tool for a door, Design Systems, Inc. Engineers are still thinking outside of the box.

Our Engineers may still use simple sketches for a design, but ultimately your company will have a professionally finished product that will meet your facilities expectations.

"Napkin" Concept

Our engineers sketch out a simple design

Design Drawing

We spec the tooling or equipment with precise dimensions and tolerances


The tool or equipment is fabricated using the latest 3D software

Facility Implementation

The tool or equipment is fabricated using the latest 3D software

Why We Do It
  • Bridge From Simulation
    • Virtual commissioning provides a bridge from simulation

  • Reduces Development
    • Reduces control system development and debug time prior to installation so development time is easier to manage.

  • Lab Environment
    • Provides system testing in a lab environment without the need for trades.

  • Reduced Costs
    • Reduced commissioning costs due to reduced systems validation time on the plant floor.

  • Testing
    • Allows testing of complex product blends and production scenarios for Production personnel.

  • Risk Mitigation
    • Start-up and Schedule Risk Mitigation.

  • Off-Line Tool
    • For Maintenance personnel, provides an off-line tool for training and testing of fault responses.

  • Minimal debug and start-up times
  • Logic debug before construction
  • Test complex routing requirements
  • Operator and maintenance training
  • Start-up schedule and production risk mitigation
  • Substantial start-up cost savings
Expected Deliverables
  • By completing virtual commissioning, DSI can verify the logic for the material handling system to confirm it is functioning as designed prior to installation.
  • Design Systems will identify any programming issues and provide solutions to correct any problems.

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