Engineering Services

Our multi-disciplined engineering team understands the complex manufacturing and industrial problems our clients face. Our engineering services are built on years of experience and the expertise to identify and design the unique industrial engineering solutions that match our client’s needs.

We possess state of the art technology and utilize these tools on a daily basis to solve our clients most difficult challenges. Some of our engineering services include paint & process coatings strategies, electrical engineering solutions, conveyance system solutions, equipment and tooling, and facility layout and design.

DSI stands out as a leader amongst industrial engineering companies. Contact us today to find out the most effective way to incorporate lean principles into your operations for maximum efficiency.

engineering services
Engineering Services Capabilities

Paint & Process

Elevate Your Coatings Capabilities

Our engineers are experts in coatings strategies and utilize the latest technologies and engineering services to design and integrate the best method to suit your companies needs.

From pre-treatment to sludge removal and everything in between, as a premier engineering consulting firm our experts are focused on providing the right solution to make your product look & perform great for your customers.


A Conduit to the Future

Our team is skilled to support for electrical engineering for facilities including power distribution, load planning, lighting, ventilation and networking.

Our electrical engineering services ability to analyze and design these systems, along with the integrated team approach, ensure that your facility has the quality solution it needs for your operations.

Conveyance Systems

Conveying Your Business to the Next Level

Moving a product from A to B? We understand how to best convey products and materials and can select, analyze, or design the right method for conveyance.

From conveyance layouts, chain pull analysis, complete carrier design, to interference studies and everything in between.

Systems we’re experienced with: OHP&F, IP&F, AS/RS, belted, skid, skillet, AGC/AGV systems & more

Equipment & Tooling

Custom, Creative Solutions

Having a hard time finding an off the shelf solution for your specific needs? We can dream up custom manufacturing solutions for your situation and help make that idea come to reality with our engineering services.

We have helped develop custom manufacturing equipment solutions for decades. Our creative solutions have ranged from equipment robot end of arm tooling, special racks, custom lifting devices, to custom automated parking solutions for space constrained urban areas.

Structural Engineering

DSI is Ready to Support You

DSI is an expert structural engineering firm and our engineers, structural engineering consultants, and expert project managers understand how to support the equipment in current or future facilities. We can design or analyze the support systems needed for existing or future mezzanines, equipment, conveyors, and platforms & more.

Our professional structural engineers can produce certified drawings and calculations for your project needs.


Logical and Disciplined

Our team understands the importance and tying all of your systems together effectively for maximum productivity and uptime.

We have deep technical understanding of controls architecture and engineering that includes: controls systems design, PLC programming, control panel design, MES analysis, quality alert systems, error proofing & more.

Facility Layout & Design

Solving Complex Layout Challenges Daily

Our multi-disciplined team design & integrate the systems needed to have your facilities’ processes work like a well oiled machine.

We have experience in many industries from 10,000 ft2 to over 2 million ft2 and have the knowledge and tools necessary to optimize the entire operations layout.

We’ll understand your operations at a high level then begin to dive deeper and analyze sub processes so that the complex puzzle can be solved optimally & cohesively.

Industrial & Operations

Lean and Efficient

Utilizing Lean principles and other industry leading strategies we can help make your operations more efficient and effective.

We help integrate the right people, processes and product in the right places at the right time.

From efficient and ergonomic workstation design, material flow, line side material display & more, our engineers and engineering services can help reduce waste, keep operators happy, and cycle times down.

Building Utility Systems

Building Efficient and Effective Systems

We are exceptional at designing and integrating critical building systems that bridge the gap between the building and the equipment in it. We can analyze, design, and right size any piping, HVAC, electrical system for new or existing buildings & equipment.

Utilizing advanced Building Information Modeling Software (BIM) we can integrate these systems in 3D and extend into 4D (timing/scheduling), 5D (cost), and 6D (future facilities management info).

Mechanical Engineering

Proven and Effective

Our team understands the mechanical systems that make up our clients manufacturing and distribution facilities. We work on site and in the office to support our projects and can analyze and design systems to support your companies mechanical engineering needs.

DSI’s mechanical engineering services stand out in that we have a strong team of mechanical engineers, project managers, design engineering consultants, and supply chain consultants that support diverse industrial challenges.

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