structural engineering firmsThe engineers, structural engineering consultants, and expert project managers at Design Systems Inc. understand how to support the equipment in current or future facilities. Our structural engineering firm can design or analyze the support systems needed for existing or future mezzanines, equipment, conveyors, platforms and much more.

Structural Engineering Services

The expert engineers at Design Systems Inc. structural engineering firm can create certified drawings and calculations for your project needs. At DSI, we work with you to ensure your manufacturing facilities are up to code and can safely support any vertical or horizontal load. This not only includes the weight of the structure, equipment and personnel, but also any excess lateral or horizontal loads generated by earthquakes, snow, wind, explosions or other incidents.

As a leader among structural engineering firms, our team of engineers has worked in over 15 industries, 48 states and 17 countries. We create innovative solutions using advanced technologies that match your needs and move your business forward.

Work with an objective team that is dedicated to providing you with the resources and expertise you need to grow your company. Our structural engineers and full-service team work together to boost your bottom line and implement the industrial engineering solutions your facility requires.

In Depth Analysis and Support

structural engineering servicesNot all structural engineering firms work in every industrial application. Some offer support only for specific structures, regions or applications, while others focus solely on structural engineering. Work with a team that offers diverse capabilities to enjoy full-service support for all your industrial needs.

DSI is a multi-disciplined team of engineers who work together to create manufacturing, automotive, distributing and warehousing solutions on a global scale. Our structural engineering team provides in depth analysis and support for a wide array of projects including:

  • Mezzanines
  • Platforms
  • Equipment
  • Conveyors, and more.

In addition to structural engineering, our team offers mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, facility layout and design, manufacturing execution systems implementation and more utilizing lean principles with a clear vision of industry 4.0 to increase efficiency and improve your bottom line.

Work With DSI

Find out how you can benefit from our expert structural engineering services and diverse project capabilities. Contact us today to learn more and start a project today to grow your business.

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“The best place for all your engineering needs. Try a sample of the MITS manufacturing IT solutions… You’ll be running back for more!”
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