Manufacturing Execution Systems

MITS - Your Custom Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing IT Solutions (MITS) is a highly flexible MES manufacturing execution system used in manufacturing and process facilities to track and document the transformation of raw materials to finished goods.

Visible plant floor data in real time. Design Systems is uniquely qualified to deliver the best manufacturing execution systems on the market with over 39 years of manufacturing experience.

MITS Manufacturing Execution System Overview

  • Production Monitoring: Visibility of your production facility at your fingertips.
  • Order Management: From your ERP, Flat File, or a Scan and Load, we manage your order throughout the entire build process.
  • Lean Manufacturing: We interface and manage all Lean Manufacturing tools such as Poka-Yoke, Pick to Light, Pick to Voice, Andon, whatever it may be. This increases efficiency within your production operations.
  • Tracking and Genealogy: From raw goods to finished products, we track all data from everything that goes into your product.
  • Maintenance: Support maintenance operations to reduce downtime and improve overall efficiency.
Facility visit to assess your operations and determine the best solution
Customized proposal including all steps, deliverables, timing and cost
Scope of Work Proposal
Create your timeline, purchase hardware, perform all programming and corroborate all processes
Project Implementation
Go live: Machine monitoring, work instructions, quality gates, E-checklists, reporting, traceability
Commission every PLC, workstation, and piece of automation to ensure designed functionality
Provide training and deliverables for your new highly automated and efficient facility!
Project Closeout and Training
How We Do It
We will provide everything to ensure that your facility is fully optimized. First, we will provide an assessment of your facility that will detail out the areas where we see our MITS Manufacturing Execution System will benefit you the most. Then we will work with you and develop a strategy that best fits your company.

Our MITS System is fully customizable so we can provide everything from machine monitoring to work instructions to quality gates to traceability. Not only do we provide the actual software, we will integrate it as well. Most companies only offer an off the shelf software that you purchase and then try to make it work. We FULLY INTEGRATE our software so when we walk away, you are not only up and running, you are fully trained!
Why We Do It
  • Machine Downtime
  • Plant Visibility
  • Throughput Issues
  • Quality Issues
  • Traceability Issues
  • Process Visualization
  • Order Management
  • Assembly Operations
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance Support
  • Reduction in Waste
  • Increased Uptime (More Throughput)
  • Paperless Work Activities
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Increased First Time Compliance
Expected Deliverables
  • Manuals
  • Drawings
  • Software
  • Overview Screens
  • On the Job IT Training
  • On the Job Manager Training
  • On the Job Operator Training
  • Classroom Training

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