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No one understands your business as well as you do. Our skilled advisory team of design engineering consultants works with you to identify the best path forward for the facilities and operations of your company. We identify possible industrial engineering solutions and work with you to move forward implementing the right one for your business.

Our premiere mechanical engineering services, and our ability to understand operational challenges and apply the right engineering services and solutions from a range of technical disciplines sets us apart from our competition.

Some of the consulting services our engineering consulting firm offers include: lean manufacturing consulting, mechanical engineering consulting, design engineering consulting, automotive engineering consulting and more. Our team also includes expert supply chain consultants and supply chain planners. Contact us today for more details on our industrial and manufacturing consulting services.

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Consulting Capabilities

Rapid Risk Assessment

Driving Operational Excellence!

Is economic instability placing hardships on your business, creating risk, mitigating margins and minimizing operational cashflow?  DSI has 40 years in Manufacturing.  Our breadth of knowledge across multiple disciplines provides data driven solutions to our clients specific challenges.

Is a Rapid Risk Assessment (RRA) right for you?

  • Is your company struggling with inflation, shrinking margins, lower operating cashflow, and credit financing?
  • Do you have supply, or operational risk, with the forecasted economic slowdown?
  • Are you challenged to meet your customer’s demand?
  • Is there pressure to deliver transformative results to key stakeholders?

Rapid Risk Assessment at a glance…

  • Experienced professional onsite for 1-2 days
  • 3rd party assessment of current state operations
  • Immediate identification of most impactful “quick hits”
  • Path forward towards achieving operational efficiency

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Consult, Engineer, Execute!

Choosing the right MES software is a pivotal step in optimizing your return on investment. Numerous manufacturers encounter challenges in identifying their MES vision and lack a well-defined roadmap when selecting their MES provider. Such uncertainties can result in substantial capital investments with no conclusive decisions or, worse yet, misguided choices.

If you are unsure how to start your MES journey or whether you need support, ask yourself these questions.

  • What is the current state of collecting manufacturing data?
  • Are there any gaps in the automation of data?
  • Have you defined the future state of your MES and how it fits in your overall manufacturing data architecture?
  • Are there processes in need of optimization?
  • Where and when in the processes are quality inspections required and what is the process?

Our Approach:

  • Planning – Observe current state, define future state, and develop a roadmap.
  • Engineering – Develop a functional requirements specification for MES deployment.
  • Deployment – Support procurement, commissioning, and launch of the MES.

Operational Planning

Observe. Analyze. Solve. Save

To solve any problem, you must first correctly define it and identify the appropriate symptoms. Our experienced team will work on site to quickly analyze your current state and develop actionable solutions for all facets of your facility & operations needs. Prioritized solutions and improvement paths are identified for your team and DSI can partner with you every step of the way.

We consult in all of our technical discipline areas and assess the following areas:

  • Operations (manufacturing and warehousing)
  • Productivity and waste
  • Planning
  • Equipment and IT systems
  • Organizational structure
  • Supply Chain
  • And more


Engineering Consulting

Let our engineering consulting firm assist you in solving any engineering issue that may be holding your company back. Our innovative 2D and 3D modeling, BIM software, 3D printing and advanced simulation capabilities ensure you receive cutting-edge engineering for any industry.

We serve a wide range of industries and have engineering knowledge in relevant fields, including:

  • Industrial engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Design engineering consulting
  • Automotive engineering consulting

Improve your operations in these industries and reach your project goals with our consulting services. Whether you’ve diagnosed the issue or only have a few symptoms to offer, we can troubleshoot your issue and arrive at a productive solution.

Business Process Optimization

Looking to transform the processes that run your company? Our team’s best practices and agnostic approach will help you see the big picture, clarify priorities, and understand dependencies that can assure maximum ROI from your team’s effort.

Process maps are the language of your business. They explain how value is created, reveal opportunities for improvement, and bring the potential of IT to life.  At almost every organization, there is a significant gap between the way management thinks processes are executed and what really happens on the front line. More significantly, exceptions, workarounds, and special customer needs cause process steps to be added over time. We collaborate with your team while facilitating the creation of a project-guiding system map. This map can illustrate a single key process or your entire enterprise.

Our approach supports your organization in making educated systems selections, and preparing for implementations by

  • Align manufacturing and supply chain processes with corporate strategic plan
  • Focus on LEAN principles
  • Leverage existing IT resources and applications – we build on what you have already invested in and augment where necessary
  • Defining requirements for software selection based on your specific needs
  • Advocate on your behalf with software integrator – implementations should be built around your needs, not you having to change to fit their generic software

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Consultants

Streamline your supply chain and identify any inefficiencies in your process. Our supply chain consultants can integrate your supply chain and collaborate with you to reach a holistic solution that improves your bottom line. Here are some of the industries that we’re experienced to offer consulting services with:

Tire and rubber • Textile • Pharmaceutical • Parcel handling • Paper • Motor vehicles • Heavy equipment • Foundry • Food and beverage • E-commerce • Defense • Appliances • Aerospace

Our team has created customized performance improvements for each of these industries. Not only do we understand the goals and ambitions of a company in your industry, but we’ve also provided industry-leading solutions for each of these industries. If your business operates in another industry, find out how our specialized consultation skills and services can improve your business.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing Consulting

A key to successful manufacturing is utilizing lean manufacturing strategies. Improve your warehousing and manufacturing efficiency through our comprehensive lean manufacturing consulting. We’ll work with you to cut back on your manufacturing costs and pair down any inefficiencies in your budget and operations.

The goal of lean manufacturing is to reduce manufacturing waste and inefficiencies. Hiring an outside eye to help you improve or initiate a lean manufacturing model can help you save a significant amount in your manufacturing budget. Some industries require special considerations, so it’s essential to choose a lean manufacturing consultation team that understands your particular industry needs.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Consulting

Inefficient inventory management can lead to major expenses, additional employees and other unnecessary fees and delays. Some companies require inventory management consulting when they receive a sudden major order. Other businesses find that an aggressive growth strategy result

Discover why Design Systems is one of the leading world class mechanical engineering consulting firms. If you need an industry-leading consultation service for your manufacturing, engineering or inventory management needs, contact us today. Start a conversation about your engineering and manufacturing needs, and we’ll join you in coming up with dynamic solutions to any issues.


Manufacturing Consulting Services

We’ve forged new solutions for companies of all sizes and management patterns. Whether you’re looking to streamline your lean manufacturing or taking your company in a different direction, we offer optimization services of all sizes to provide cutting-edge manufacturing solutions.

Our manufacturing consultation services start with a thorough diagnosis of your current manufacturing process. After that, our manufacturing consultants we’ll highlight any inefficiencies, discuss your concerns and promptly offer the solutions you need.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Consultants

DSI stands out from other mechanical engineering consulting companies, having extensive experience with mechanical engineering consulting and has been awarded several projects with major automotive manufacturers, studying line speed increase impacts, process changes, booth refurbishment and structural design requirements. The preliminary engineering phase provided the AutoCAD drawings and process descriptions to move to a turnkey implementation.

Contact us to find out more about how our mechanical engineering consultants can help you.

Design Engineering

Design Engineering Consulting

Contact us to find out more about our design engineering consulting services and how we can help you.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Consulting

Contact us to find out more about our industrial engineering consulting services and how we can help you.

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