Supply chain plannersWhat do supply chain planners do? Supply chain assessment consists of an appraisal, review, evaluation and actionable analyses of your supply chain processes, both strategic and tactical. Professional supply chain planners develop a vision which their clients can act upon to improve their businesses – strategic decisions applied in a practical manner to present solid solutions to supply chain needs.

Benefits of Supply Chain Planning

As expert supply chain planners we believe planning requires more than just abstract frameworks. Coupled with the power of engineering services, those frameworks come to life to bring you results in the form of efficiency. This leads to lower expenses and greater profits for your business. For us, it means we’ve helped to create one more satisfied client.

Our team of supply chain consultants, supply chain planners, material flow and manufacturing experts and the wide range of industrial services we offer make us stand out as a leader in our field. Here’s how we get it done.

Supply Chain Material Flow Analysis

We use principles from lean and six sigma to evaluate and redesign the flow of materials through your business. Happy workers also help to keep your business growing and thriving, so we prioritize their needs too by observing their work process, considering work standards and improving ergonomics.

Optimizing the Network

Supply chain planningHow wide is your distribution network and how efficient or profitable is it so far? Will expanding it improve the bottom line or will contracting it help you to better focus on your niche market? These are some of the questions we consider when redesigning your distribution network to meet current and future needs.

Improve Warehousing

Are you opening a new warehouse or has the old one become impossible to navigate? We help to improve logistics to save you time and reduce distribution delays and errors. A more organized warehouse also helps to reduce stress for yourself and your employees.

Creating the Plan

ven if you deviated from it at some point, chances are that you started out with a plan. If not, we work with you to map a way forward and then design a supply chain plan that facilitates your business goals and vision for the future.

Benefits of Supply Chain Planning

The most common benefits of hiring supply chain planners are well known. So, what else can we achieve for your company beyond the usual expectation of increased efficiency?

Reduced Injuries

An unfortunate reality of working in industrial fields is the risk of injury. Our focus on the work process and creating a more ergonomic environment helps to reduce the risk of workplace injury. Note that injury comes not only from accidents but from doing repetitive tasks. This translates into a safer work environment with less missed days of work, lawsuits and worker’s compensation payments.

Better Teamwork

When supply chain processes don’t sync up well enough, the mismatch creates friction between workers and overlapping processes. Employees may become upset with each other for holding processes back. When we redesign the workflow and consider how much time it takes to complete each task and what task depends on one or several others, we can improve cooperation levels. This reduces the level of frustration and stress employees face.

Simplifies the Process

The best solution to any problem is often the simplest one. Why is this? For starters, it is the easiest and least expensive to implement. It is also the easiest to explain to supervisors who oversee but may not actively participate in tasks. Finally, simplified processes mean you can spend less time training because the work process almost speaks for itself. This improves the learning curve while increasing output for your company.

  • Operations Supports Business Strategy: You have to know where the business is headed before you can assess if your supply chain can achieve the goals.
  • Assessment: An assessment needs to be approached like any project with objectives, scope, deliverables, and a timeline.
  • Internal and External Perspectives: Assessments should have an internal and external perspective in order to provide meaningful results.
  • Actionable Roadmap: Create an actionable path to future goals for short, medium, and longer term steps enhancing the end-to-end operation of your supply chain.

Lower Turnover Rates

All of the benefits above combine to lead to lower turnover rates for your business. New employees catch on quickly and stay longer, while older employees feel a strong commitment to their safety and well-being. The Society for Human Resource Management estimates that new-hires cost companies $4,129 per person, so that’s thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

Why Work With Us

Our supply chain planning company began in 1983 with two engineers who provided their services to solve some of the pressing problems businesses faced. Since then, we have grown to a team of 300 engineers tackling projects all around the world. Need to speak with a DSI representative? Fill out our contact form or call our U.S., Canada or Mexico branch today. Our supply chain planners look forward to speaking with you soon.