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Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain consultingAt DSI we develop a vision our clients can act upon – strategic decisions and practical applications, tailored to their unique situations. Supply chain consulting, supply chain planning, distribution and warehouse operations, network design and optimization, and material flow and manufacturing are just a few our areas of expertise.

Supply Chain Planning

Do you have a plan? Supply chain design is now a must-have to keep up with the pace of change. We can create and sustain competitive advantages by significantly improving areas of cost, service and risk. Our team of industry, process and subject matter experts will help create supply chain centers of excellence (COE) and put in place an integrated supply chain design to generate measurable cost savings.

Design Systems, Inc. supply chain services team has worked with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 clients for over 30 years to align their supply chains with business objectives, drive innovation and achieve functional excellence.

Assessment, Planning and Strategy Development

  • Supply Chain Assessment
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Business Process Redesign
  • Operation Strategy Development
  • 3PL / Value Added Activity
  • Best In Class KPI Development

How will a supply chain network optimization assist your company?

By conducting a thorough analysis of your network, you will be armed with the necessary quantitative metrics to make informed, strategic decisions regarding:
Supply chain planning

  • Plant locations and capacity
  • Distribution locations and sizes
  • Possible pricing levels
  • Inventory levels
  • Customer service levels

Design Systems, Inc. is an unbiased supply chain consulting firm specializing in supply chain planning, which guarantees that the solution is optimized for your specific operation. Our lean fundamental focus will provide a clear roadmap for aligning your supply chain to the business needs.

Some of the supply chain solutions we have provided for our clients include: Aerospace process evaluation, space optimization and automated solutions, automotive storage analysis, heavy truck assembly process enhancement, truck rail network optimization, automotive material flow analysis and more.


  • Lead-time Reduction
  • Network Complexity Reduction
  • Site Selection
  • Demand Fluctuation / Supply Chain Disruptions

Supply Chain Consulting

Supply chain consulting servicesDistribution and Warehouse Operations: Are your distribution operations restricting your ability to meet customer demands? Whether your company is designing a new distribution center, expanding an existing logistics facility or planning a reset of an existing facility, Design Systems, Inc.’s mission is to design integrated logistics operations and systems that ensure your company’s distribution / warehouse operations are world-class.

A structured distribution program is founded on lean principles. Design Systems, Inc. incorporates subject matter experts in numerous lean tools including Kaizen, Six Sigma, TQM, Plan / Do / Study / Act. We provide unbiased distribution and supply chain consulting services combined with a highly experienced team so your company will implement a successful lean distribution program.

  • Planning and Design
  • Operations and Process Improvement
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Simulation
  • Inventory Management
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Implementation Support
  • Interim Management Oversite
  • Best In Class KPI Development
  • Equipment Specs

Material Flow and Manufacturing Operations

Are your production operations truly lean? Our Lean and Six Sigma certified professionals address challenges in several areas of the manufacturing process including: Assembly Operations, Warehouse, Quality & Inspection, Material Management, Programming, Engineering, Shipping / Receiving, Final Assembly, and Maintenance. Design Systems, Inc.’s supply chain consulting team will apply lean principles: elimination of waste, overproduction avoidance, value stream mapping, workload leveling, continuous improvement processes to help you make your manufacturing operations lean.


  • Planning and Design
  • Process Analysis
  • World Class Manufacturing
  • Material Flow Analysis
  • Material and Process Simulation
  • Plan For Every Part Development
  • Best In Class KPI Development

Ready to take Your operations to the next level?

Learn more about how Design Systems, Inc. can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain, with a 2-day assessment of your current operations. Contact us to set up a visit and begin the supply chain consulting process to improve your operations.

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