supply chain consultantsIs your supply chain the weak link in your business plan? Modern markets require expert planning and continuous innovation in planning the transportation, distribution and warehousing features of your company.

Supply chain consultants are an essential service to keep your company moving forward in modern times. Stay competitive in your industry with the latest in supply chain optimization.

Supply Chain Optimization

At DSI, we offer industry-leading supply chain optimization services. We work with Global 2000 and Fortune 500 companies to identify objectives, plan innovations and exceed expectations. Here are some of the key services we’ve offered for the past 30 years:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Supply chain innovation
  • 3PL planning
  • KPI development

It all starts with a personalized analysis of your existing supply chain. Identifying areas of innovation requires an in-depth understanding of your existing company. Our team at DSI has worked in a wide range of industries and treats every company as a unique case.

supply chain optimizationOnce we assess your current supply chain structure and business model, we work with you to identify areas of improvement. Whether you need to optimize your transportation strategy, storage capacity or manufacturing line, our consulting team has a history of successful projects in your field.

Optimization can take many different forms. Our services could primarily involve flow planning assistance. By creating the right planning structure, your company can keep track of your supply chain with greater efficiency. Other services necessary for optimization may include packaging solutions and inventory management systems.

Working With Supply Chain Consultants

Reduce the operating costs and improve the efficiency of your company with our supply chain consulting. A full consultation service from DSI can offer the following benefits for your company:

  • Reduced lead times
  • Improved site selection experience
  • Decreased network complexity
  • Increased management of supply chain and demand fluctuations

Lead times increase the overall timeline of a project and create delays for your clients. Isolate the inefficiencies that are extending your lead times in order to better manage your supply chain.

Selecting a site to expand your company or relocate your existing plant can be a difficult task. A poor location can create issues along your entire supply chain, so minimize disruptions by securing a competitive location for your warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Networks require a base line of complexity, but increasing the complexity of your corporate structure and supply chain can often create inefficiencies. Work with a consultant to isolate inefficiencies and better manage your resources.

The demand for your products will naturally fluctuate. Be sure your supply chain is scalable to keep up with sudden increases and decreases in demand. A flexible supply chain helps your business grow with reduced risks. If your chain is too rigid, you can’t deal with an influx of demand or a slow season. This rigidity often translates into significant financial losses.

These are only a few general benefits you can enjoy when you work with a supply chain consultant. Other benefits are dependent on your current supply chain model and your particular industry. A consultant who is familiar with your particular industry can incorporate industry-specific recommendations.

Other Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain consulting services can point you in the right direction, but it takes engineering services to implement many recommendations. At DSI, we don’t stop at simple recommendations, but work with an in-house team to manage many relocation, retooling and redirection services your supply chain may need.

Optimize your material flow, network design and distribution model with a blend of consultation and engineering expertise. A full-service approach allows your team to focus on daily operations without compromising on your long-term facility goals.