Process Simulation Engineering

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Process Simulation Engineering

Do It Right The First Time

The ability to visualize the dynamics of workstations and assess their efficiency in terms of cycle time and layout design is a critical component of Process Simulation and engineering. Integrating 2D and 3D Resources as well as human models in a virtual environment and simulating work assignments provides a unique advantage to visualize non-value added activities and man-machine interaction. Process Simulation also allows for the virtual verification and assessment of product assembly sequences and product-plant interferences, leading to accurate and timely virtual evaluations of manufacturing and assembly facility design and production.

Real-World Applications

  • Transfer Systems, Conveyor Systems, Assembly Sequence, Fixtures, Pallets, Robots
  • Static Work Stations, Kit Cells, Machine Load Stations
  • Dynamic Assembly Lines with Conveyors, Carriers, AGVs
  • Operator’s Point of View Analysis and Station Buy-offs Using VR/AR Application

The DSI Advantage

  • Determine if modifications to manual and automated stations will affect cycle time
  • Animated representation of your system to detect any interferences
  • Ability to test “what if?” scenarios
  • Design station platform heights to suit your environment requirements
  • MODAPTS IE time integration and man-machine interaction
    2D/3D layout / BIM integration and exporting capabilities
  • Point cloud integration
  • Line optimization by simulation to determine bottlenecks
  • Ergonomics and golden zone analysis for population anthropometry
  • Virtual safety risk assessment utilizing virtual / augmented reality technology and 3D station buy-offs prior to capital expenditures