Program Management

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Project Lifecycle Phases

Delivering Projects On Budget, On Target, On Time….Every Time!

Controlling The Triple Constraint Triangle

“I want it Good, Fast and Cheap.” In response you likely have also heard “I can give you any two of those.”

Helping the customer understand and find the balance between these seemingly diametrically opposed constraints is the responsibility of Program Management. Checks and balances of these variables is constantly monitored and opportunities for improvement are identified.

Project Balance Infographic

Strategic Resources Team – Tailored To Your Project Strategy

Our Program Managers understand manufacturing and have broad knowledge and diverse skills. We identify needs to ensure that every area of the plan is covered and avoid unexpected complications and cost over-runs. Project success requires having the right subject matter experts and engineers. Our large staff allows us to draw from a pool of well qualified individuals.

Concept Through Commission

Program Management Services has been at our core since DSI’s inception in 1983. Through this time very robust tools and procedures have been developed for each program phase. Project phases may require more / less resources with differing skill sets. Having qualified personnel assures the transition from phase to phase continues seamlessly.

Industries Served

Program Management has been provided for Aerospace, Appliances, Defense, E-Commerce, Food & Beverage, Foundry, Heavy Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Paper, Parcel Handling, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Tire & Rubber and many others.

We Have Been Providing Our Cumulative & Progressive Application of Program Management Control Techniques For Decades With Proven Track Record.