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Expert Supply Chain Solutions

Most supply chain consultants recommend supply chain frameworks but few go the extra mile to implement engineering services to implement supply chain solutions. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the business requirements coupled with hands-on operational focus to achieve real-world success.

Some of the industrial engineering solutions we offer include: supply chain consulting, and layout optimization and material flow services. Our supply chain planners also are experts at network design and optimization, and integrated logistics operations design and supply chain solutions for warehousing/distribution.

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Supply Chain Services Capabilities

Material Flow

Optimized for Results

Our layout optimization and material flow services are provided by supply chain and industrial engineering consultants who are also experts in related productivity improvement methods such as lean and six sigma, simulation, ergonomics, and work standards.

As a result, by implementing strategic supply chain solutions clients benefit from overall productivity and quality improvements.

Our team utilizes tools such as:

  • ProPlanner Flow Planner
  • Autodesk Factory Design Suite
  • Multiple Simulation Software Packages

Supply Chain Planning

What's Your Plan?

Planning for growth means taking a holistic approach to business planning, and ensuring the different components are in place across all functions to enable the business strategy to be implemented.

We work with our clients and employ supply chain consulting services across a broad range of industries to address key business issues and ensure key dynamic pieces are synchronized with other functions: enabling growth, reducing complexity, and leveraging digital technologies to generate competitive advantage.

Some of the industries we serve include the automotive industry, food and beverage industry, warehousing/distribution and manufacturing and industrial engineering.

Network Design / Optimization

Tailored Solutions To Enhance Any Network

We have the skills to optimize your distribution network with deep experience in transportation, warehousing and inventory management. When it comes to designing an optimized network, there are no “cookie-cutter solutions”.

Different industrial engineering solutions impact service levels, profitability and competitive advantage.

By combining real-world knowledge with key business data, we offer comprehensive supply chain solutions to model scenarios and lower total delivered costs. You will have a clear roadmap for aligning your supply chain to your business needs.

Warehousing / Distribution

Need More Space Or Optimized Logistics? We Can Help!

Is your company expanding an existing logistics facility or designing a new distribution center? Our mission is to design integrated logistics operations and systems to ensure that your company’s distribution/warehouse operations are world-class.

Our knowledge within warehousing technology, workflows, layouts, equipment, inventory management, and more can be applied to your situation and result in an optimized warehousing and distribution network resulting in lower operating costs and higher productivity.

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