The Challenge

Assembly Process Redesign to Improve Production Rate

Design Systems, Inc. (DSI) was approached by a major truck manufacturer to redesign their chassis assembly lines. The Manufacturing Group evaluated the current facility, process, material flow, and labor to re-engineer the assembly process. The goal of the project is to improve the operator ergonomics and enhance production rates.

The Solution
  • Develop multiple concepts of the entire chassis line including advantages and disadvantages
  • Develop process flow chart proposal.
  • Identify facility, tooling, and equipment requirements.
  • Estimate work content, direct labor, and number of workstations.
  • Develop size and shape of building additions if required.
  • Develop concept facility layout.
  • Develop budgetary investment cost.
  • Develop high level implementation plan for each concept
The DSI Difference
  • Developed 5 Concept proposals including detailed process flow diagrams, drawings of assembly layouts, manpower calculations, advantages and disadvantages and budget estimates
  • Recommended a production system that allows for mixed model product flexibility within the process to improve production rates
  • Improved ergonomics of operator by utilizing an overhead conveyor system to hold chassis frame
  • Optimize material handling and line side display of parts by utilizing dual rail feed system to each assembly line
  • Increase the production rate by 34% with revisions to the current process and manpower.
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain
  • Motor Vehicles

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