Specialty Services

Specialty Services

A Variety of Offerings Make DSI Your Go-To Team

We have several unique services we’ve developed over the years based on the specific needs of our markets. These well developed services are aimed to deliver a specific solution for a common need and the information your business needs to move forward.

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Specialty Services Capabilities

Assured Compliance

We understand the requirements for conformance with Canadian regulations

  • Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR)
  • Technical Standards and Safety Act (TSSA)

We can complete these reviews and provide the right certificates and letters of conformance needed to be compliant.

Safety is Key

We can asses your facility and provide detailed compliance reports that follow all the details that go along with OSHA, NEC, and NFPA70e. Our team can provide a detailed plan of action to keep your employees safe and avoid hefty fines.

We can help with labeling, protective devices, written programs, one line drawings, short circuit studies, PPE requirements, and more.

Your Facility at Your Fingertips

We can capture any environment and translate it into a powerful tool. With the use of 3D scanning technology, we capture raw data and process it in a specialized way for easy to use ways for your team. There are many uses and benefits of this technology including: virtual field checks, design future systems integrated with current ones, and easily communicate with other teams, asset creation for 3D libraries, reverse engineering, clash detection, and more.

Our Faro X330 Scanners are also available for rent. Contact us today for more information.

Communicate Project Goals Effectively

Looking to complete a facility or equipment project? Our team can compile custom procurement packages for your project. These packages aim to clearly communicate the goals and scope of work for the project so that you get exactly what you’re looking for. This strategy also mitigates the risk of miscommunication and aims to get you consistent and accurate quotes from vendors while minimizing future change orders. DSI utilizes several strategies and technologies to produce quality procurement packages for your team.


Implement Perfection - The First Time

We work with you to fully understand your processes and utilize advanced software to model and analyze your operations in the current or future state. We provide a visual representation of your system and can analyze the following areas:

  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Verify throughput
  • Optimize production variables (scheduling, buffer size, storage capacity, and more)
  • Generate valuable production data from future state scenarios

Validate Early

We have an emulation lab that has the capabilities to model a controls system and validate controls logic and programming before the launch of a new system. The system is first modeled in simulation software and then the PLC programs are uploaded to our emulation lab PLC’s where we can analyze the programs and debug issues.This allows for the team to debug the system earlier in the project which mitigates timing and budgetary risks.

Let Our Experts Train Your Team

Our developed training courses are aimed at educating teams on items that aren’t highlighted in college courses. We aim to expedite the learning curve for of knowledge that is acquired through years in the industry.

We currently have standard courses in the following areas:

  • Conveyor Overviews
  • Power and Free Conveyor Training
  • Conveyor Chain Pull
  • Arc Flash
  • Conveyor Control Methods
  • 3D Scanning

Our experienced staff also has the capability to customize training courses to fit your team’s needs.

Finite Element Analysis

We can analyze your 3D model to predict the stresses that it will see in the real world and prevent costly changes & safety concerns or optimize material selection and usage.

We will work with you to understand your situation and goals so that we can generate the right information for your team.

Complete and Dependable

Our understanding of facility systems development and operations can help create consistency and quality as you scale operations.

Our knowledge of drawing standards, system requirements, and specifications will create the quality and consistency you need in your facilities and equipment projects while also ensuring that you get exactly what you need from your suppliers.

Right Beside You Every Step of the Way

Our team is available to become integrated into your team for a period of time. We have several disciplines of engineers that can provide their knowledge and work for your team.

Preventing Disaster

Our preventive maintenance services are aimed at saving you money and preventing unwanted downtime. Our team can analyze your business and help set up efficient preventive maintenance plans including strategies, documentation and integration with technological systems. We are experts in providing in-depth assessments on manufacturing systems which provide detailed reports on potential issues for maintenance teams. These assessments go above and beyond routine maintenance reviews and can prevent costly failures.

A Path to Industry 4.0

We have extensive knowledge in different MES systems and have partnered with MITS to strengthen the capabilities of our solutions.

MITS is highly configurable to meet requirements of each unique business and can help in the following areas:

  • Process Visualization
  • Order Management
  • Assembly Operations
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance support
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