mechanical engineering consultingOne of the reasons why the engineering field is so complex and demanding is because the issues that tend to arise do not have simple industrial engineering solutions. It can take a lot to plan out how you are going to fix an issue with an industrial system.

Whether it is a mechanical engineering issue, a supply chain issue, or perhaps involves streamlining a custom manufacturing execution system. When you find yourself backed into a corner and are not sure how to solve the problem that you face, you can count on the experienced mechanical engineering consulting team at Design Systems, Inc.

We are an engineering consulting firm with years of experience in every mechanical engineering consulting, structural engineering, electrical engineering and more. We have over 300 engineers and professionals, providing you with a wealth of industrial knowledge and unparalleled engineering services. No matter what your unique problem may be, we can help you find the solution.

Our Areas of Expertise

The reason why we are so confident in our mechanical engineering services and our ability to help you is because we have experts in nearly every engineering field. Whether your company works in manufacturing and production or warehousing and distribution, we guarantee that we have engineering professionals familiar with your field. Some of the areas we handle on a daily basis include:

mechanical engineering services

  • Coating and painting
  • Electrical Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Conveyance Systems
  • Structural
  • Operations
  • Equipment and Tooling
  • Controls
  • Design
  • Utility Systems
  • Facility Layout

Mechanical Engineering Services

In addition to helping you with your technical issues, we can lend our expertise with planning and productivity to minimize waste and increase your profits as much as possible. Even areas such as organization and administration can be improved with our help. Design Systems, Inc. is your engineering consulting firm for every area of operation.

Recent Projects We’ve Undertaken

Our firm has provided mechanical engineering consulting assistance to numerous businesses throughout many different industries. As a result, we’re well-versed in the needs of our clients, no matter how big or small a task they may have. Our expansive experience is illustrated by our extensive project list. Here are just a few recent projects we’ve undertaken, with truly impressive results:

  • Facility Relocation – Inefficiency was a major issue at this Greenfield work location. Due to the problematic layout of the site, customer service was on the wane, which was having a direct impact on sales and profitability. We started by identifying the weaknesses of the current location, which brought us to two possible solutions. We could have revamped the existing site or moved to a brand new location. We opted for the latter choice, with truly stunning results. Our work brought about $1.58 million in savings in terms of labor, as well as a 30% increase in order picking productivity.
  • Automotive Process & System Layout –  A motor vehicle manufacturer provided a proposed layout of a new facility, which our team analyzed to ensure it was the best possible way forward. Because we identified deficiencies during the course of our review, we made a recommendation of an altered layout that was projected to meet the manufacturer’s needs. One major deficiency we found had to do with spacing requirements. While the initial layout planned for 30,000 sq. ft., we found that 60,000 sq. ft. was actually necessary. Our revisions improved the flow of materials through the facility and enhanced the rate of production.
  • Healthcare Management – We performed a management engineering study of an emergency room in a 325-bed hospital. The goal was to manage patients coming into the ER more effectively, thereby improving the healthcare afforded to them during their stay. After a dogged review of essential records and information, we proposed three separate layouts, each of which was finely tuned to the hospital’s needs. We also made recommendations regarding service hours that allowed the hospital to increase the number of patients being admitted, while also redesigning nurse stations to prevent overcrowding.
  • Space Optimization & Automated Solutions – Work for this vitamin and supplement manufacturer began with a no-risk assessment. While the client originally wanted to build a brand new facility to overcome space issues, our analyses found that this wasn’t necessary. Instead, we proposed alterations to their current facility to increase productivity and efficiency within the building. As a result, we saved this client millions on costs required to build a new facility from the ground up. In terms of work improvements, our plan improved throughput by 190%, while inventory replenishment saw a 75% increase.

Why You Should Consider DSI for Your Next Project

While numerous firms offer mechanical engineering services, DSI is a full-service provider that can address multiple issues within one project. This is chiefly because our services are so diverse, which makes implementing engineering solutions simpler as clients no longer require the assistance of multiple companies when they want to make important and complex changes to their business. We also believe in using advanced technologies and techniques to benefit our clients. This insistence on state of the art processes and tools makes for a more efficient and effective process overall.

When you work with DSI, you can be rest assured that you will receive unbiased guidance on your project. We’re not affiliated with any products, so we don’t have a vested interest in selling you on a particular brand. Our assistance is devoted to improving your business processes and your physical location, which we accomplish through our wide base of knowledge and deep analysis of your current processes and facility. With our help, you can decrease inefficiencies and improve output for a higher level of success.

Choose Us for Your Engineering Needs

No matter what your unique needs are, you can count on Design Systems, Inc. Give us a call or fill out our online form to get started today. Before signing us on as your manufacturing engineering and consulting experts, have all your questions answered about our services. Call us at 1-800-660-4374.

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