mechanical engineering servicesWhether you are involved in manufacturing, energy production or any other mechanically rigorous industry, there are always ways to improve your facility.

Many mechanical engineering companies around the world are hiring outside consultants to improve their production. The professional engineers here at DSI providing mechanical engineering services have years of experience helping clients identify system challenges and achieve their overall goals.

How Can a Mechanical Engineering Consultation Optimize Your Business?

The mechanical engineering consulting and engineering services and solutions that we offer are not just based on empty words. The way we do things makes us a superior choice for multiple reasons.

One of these is that unlike many other mechanical engineering companies we don’t try to get you to buy a specific line of products. At DSI we pride ourselves on offering an objective evaluation of your systems with the sole goal of improvement and optimization.

We understand that the most expensive machinery and setups are not always the most beneficial to the success of a business. An important part of our mechanical engineering services strategy is the evaluation of cost-efficiency, and our aim is to empower you in a way that increases profitability while minimizing additional costs.

We bring you the benefit of multinational experience, having helped clients in 17 different countries. Through all of these successfully completed projects, we have been able to re-invest our profits into annual training programs and state of the art software and hardware that continues to keep us on the cutting edge.

The Benefits of Mechanical Engineers

Depending on your specific needs, there are many ways that you can benefit from our mechanical engineering services. Some of the things that DSI helps our clients with include:

  • Calculating the space available in a plant and the longevity of parts and equipment, as well as labor costs, to provide sound and reliable cost estimates.
  • Ensuring that test specifications fall in accordance with any project blueprints.
  • Testing the individual parts and tools to make sure that they are truly up to the job.
  • Drafting blueprints that will provide guidance from the beginning to completion of projects.
  • Recommending updates based on the results of any testing.
  • Evaluating any sketches and designs that have already been drafted, and making suggestions for improvements.

When we analyze test results, we take the time to make sure that any improvements we suggest are necessary to the success of your business. From computer-based simulations to real-world experimentation, we cover every aspect of your company’s mechanical process.

Some of the Solutions We Have Provided

mechanical engineering companyThe applications which mechanical engineering companies like Design Systems Inc. employ are diverse. We have helped our clients with projects ranging from analysis and recommendations for storage needs to complete relocation of a manufacturing facility.

In one of these projects, we worked to calculate the necessary amount of shelving required for an Original Equipment Manufacturer to store all of the parts in a plant. All of this was done with the high variability of usage of many different kinds of parts in mind, as we worked with limited existing inventory data.

We were able to determine and recommend the exact number of shelves to be placed in all of the storage locations and map these out on a detailed building plan.

Another one of our successful projects was the relocation of a manufacturing plant to a completely new facility. We were able to meet the criteria for timing and budgeting, while additionally managing the fieldwork. All of this was done without disrupting the client’s productivity or sales numbers.

Mechanical Engineering Company

The team members of our mechanical engineering company includes supply chain consultants, project managers and mechanical engineers all ready to talk to you about your situation and start building a plan for success. Contact us today!