The Challenge

DSI was tasked with engineering a solution to increase the capacity of our clients small and large package systems due to the increased demand in the market. The limited space in the building constrained the ability to add many conveyors.

The Solution

DSI first 3D scanned the facility for an accurate depiction of the current state. DSI then designed several solutions in 3D to increase the capacity of each conveyor system. The challenges due to the constrained spaces were mitigated by designing 3D conveyor systems that were integrated with real world data. DSI was able to highlight several creative solutions to the client while maintaining all of the client’s standards and requirements. DSI prepared an analysis of each solution including a ROM cost and pros/cons of each solution. The analysis delivered key information for our client’s upper management and a decision was made. DSI then utilized the 3D design to clearly communicate project details and requirements to bidders in a procurement package.

The DSI Difference

DSI’s ability to utilize technology and apply it to our client’s real world situations helped deliver solutions to a challenging problem. Our team delivered the key information needed for our client to make an educated decision and improve their facility in a timely fashion.

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