The Challenge

Plant Optimization for Process Flow Improvement

The primary focus for this project was Plant Optimization. A baseline assessment of the Final Assembly, Panel Build, Paint Process and Machine Shop areas was completed to support potential process and plant flow improvements. Storage requirements for incoming raw materials and flow through the plant to finished goods were evaluated and defined. Future growth was identified to evaluate and define any additional required space in the new layout.

The Solution
  • Prepare an updated layout of existing state and multiple future layout options for the facility.
  • Prepare phased in layout for integration plan.
  • Develop value stream map for process flow.
  • Perform 3D Scan using Point Cloud technology.
  • Identify impacts on Mechanical and Electrical Utility impacts.
  • Monitor and report progress reviews
The DSI Difference
  • Recommended 3 options of future facility layouts.
  • Re-organized the work cells to accommodate additional assembly cells.
  • Increased white space in panel assembly section (~7,500 sq. ft.)
  • 30% increase in space to stage/ store outsourced parts in panel assembly area.
  • Drastic Reduction (94%) in material handling distance.
  • Provided design solutions for potential future material handling improvement.
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Supply Chain
  • Engineering
  • Specialty Services
  • Motor Vehicles

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