The Challenge

Manufacturing Process & Layout Evaluation

A multinational aerospace and transportation company contacted Design Systems, Inc. (DSI) to study their Lower Unit assembly operations. The study included a review of their current process flow and an analysis of space allocation. Based on the results of the study, DSI recommended short- and long-term improvement measures, an implementation plan, and a manufacturing strategy incorporating lean principles.

The Solution
  • Update current AutoCAD layout.
  • High level process flow (part family level and general process.
  • High level station layout with major operation identified.
  • List of short term and long term improvements regarding anticipated cost savings, throughput increases, safety and quality improvements, staffing, material inventory and WIP reductions.
  • Recommend a manufacturing strategy using lean manufacturing principles
The DSI Difference
  • Increased production volume capacity by 50% with two additional operators to Material Handling.
  • Reduced non-value added activities of assembly operators.
  • Reduced work in process inventory.
  • Decreased floor space requirement by 3,494 sq. ft.
  • Improved material display and restocking to assembly lines via flow racks and Kanban cards
  • Improved responsiveness to changeovers in assembly lines with plant wide “Pull” system
  • Minimized impact of change through phased implementation procedure.
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Supply Chain
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace

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