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Manufacturing Material Flow

Our process optimization team are experts in designing lean material flow strategies across all industries.

Design Systems, Inc. has been providing optimized manufacturing engineering solutions to our valued clients for over 40 years.  We focus on thoroughly understanding our client’s challenges and goals to identify and deliver the right solutions.

We understand that material flow can expand beyond just the traditional definition or understanding of it. The flow of material/goods/products can be traced through just more than a manufacturing facility. These things can be students traveling through a university campus, or vehicles through an industrial complex. These things need to have a master plan and the flow of goods and services flowing through the system need to be taken into consideration. We can help develop a material flow strategy that maps the flow of material goods and personnel from procurement through disposal.

Our campus material flow analysis includes overviews of procurement spend analysis, campus disposal pathway studies, plans for building renovations and new construction, and vendor engagement and screening tools. The material flow and master planning analyses provides our customers with the data and key findings needed for optimizing the movement or flow of goods/services and people.

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Process and material flow improvements contribute to cost savings such as:
  • Plan For Every Part
    • A collaborative lean tool that provides all relevant part information to efficiently manage the movement and replenishment of parts from suppliers to the point of use. It brings disparate parts data together in one centralized database.

  • Dock utilization
    • Determine if the current number of docks are sufficient or if new docks are required. Rebalance current loads to receive parts closer to the point of use and gain efficiencies.

  • Space utilization
    • Optimize the amount of floor space required for raw, WIP, and finished goods for a given set of parts or commodities. Identify excess inventory. Improve storage methods and equipment to reduce storage requirements.

  • Increased operator efficiencies
    • Optimize a part’s path through a manufacturing facility and increase safety, minimize congestion, and reduce manpower / material handling equipment requirements.

  • Reduced congestion
  • Improved operator safety
  • Reduced travel
  • Right size Material Handling equipment needs
  • Manpower reallocation optimization
  • Identify equipment requirements
  • Kitting design
  • Reduced travel distance on average 46%
  • Improved space utilization average 38%
  • Improved operator efficiency
  • Remove non-value-added activity
  • Alleviate congestion

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