Material Flow

Manufacturing Material Flow

Material Flow Systems and Manufacturing Operations

Our layout optimization and material flow services are provided by supply chain and industrial engineering consultants who are also experts in related productivity improvement methods such as lean & six sigma, simulation, ergonomics, and work standards. As a result, clients benefit from overall productivity and quality improvement mindset when they engage Design Systems, Inc.’s layout optimization services.

Some of the material flow services we offer include: Supply chain consulting, supply chain planning, network design/optimization, and warehousing/distribution. Contact us today to find out how we can streamline your companies manufacturing material flow process.

Perform assessment of your company’s capabilities and limitations
We develop a high-impact plan to elevate operations within your industry
Raise profit margins while customers benefit from productivity, functionality and quality gains
How We Do It
Why We Do It
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Balanced Production
  • Changeover
  • Manufacturing Time Definition
  • Line Capacity Analysis
  • Production Control Systems and Andon
  • Single-Piece Flow and Work-in Process Management
  • Receiving and Warehouse process Architecture
  • Constant Daily Output and Leveling Production
  • Inventory Management and Kanban

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