lean manufacturing consultingWhen you are looking for ways to cut down on your production costs while maintaining a high standard of quality, hiring a lean manufacturing consulting firm is your path to success.

At Design Systems, Inc., we understand the intricacies of industrial engineering and how it relates to lean manufacturing and world class manufacturing, providing you a customized approach to meeting your company’s needs.

Our experts offer you a fresh set of eyes and broad knowledge to meticulously identify the weaknesses in your procedures and show you how to tighten up your efficiency. To understand more about how we can help, let’s go over some of the principles of lean manufacturing.

Reducing Unnecessary Time Spent on Products

Innovation is an essential component to securing your business’s future, allowing you to adapt with changing times. However, sometimes those efforts turn into features or processing techniques that require more specialized equipment or greater time than necessary to fulfill customers’ needs.

Our lean manufacturing consulting services can help you refine your processes when the complexity involved in your products does not result in an appropriate cost-benefit ratio.

Making Better Use of Valuable Employees

Untapped talent within your company is an invaluable resource. Recognizing and acknowledging your top workers, matching employees with the jobs best suited to their skills and avoiding overworking your team are all ways of ensuring high morale and optimal productivity from the people in your employ.

Periodically reassessing the roles and duties of your workforce can help you achieve employee satisfaction, which in turn may reduce turnover: When your team members feel they are valued and treated well, they are more likely to remain with your company.

Using Lean Manufacturing Consulting To Trim Excessive Downtime

world class manufacturingIf your equipment or employees have frequent intervals of unproductive time while waiting for their next contribution to the operation, this could add up to hundreds of wasted hours over the course of the year. Streamlining your production process helps you maximize how efficiently your team and equipment function.

Optimizing Output to Match Demand

An overabundance of inventory occupies space, while the cost of manufacturing those products diverts resources from other things you may need to manage. Our team can analyze the demand versus output for your products and help you find a more sustainable balance.

Shortening Travel Time in Your Facility

An inefficient layout for your business can result in needlessly devoting extra time to moving about within your facility. The farther your team or equipment has to travel to meet objectives, the more the hours of lost productivity add up over time.

Working with our lean manufacturing consulting services, you can redesign your layout for maximum efficiency. Your team and equipment will spend less time in transit, preserving that time for more critical uses.

Limiting the Incidence of Defective Products

The loss of materials and time to having to scrap inventory and start over may consume a lot of your limited resources. Moreover, a defective product that reaches your customer’s hands can result in lost future revenues, not only from the customer who received the item but also because of negative reviews that customers may leave.

As such, defective products are costly in more ways than one. By working with us, your production process can be analyzed for ways to minimize the number of defects that occur or reach your customers.

For any business to sustain its operations and grow to fulfill future demands, reducing waste is a must. At Design Systems, Inc., we take pride in our role of providing you with lean manufacturing consulting that helps you achieve that. Whether you feel your needs are routine or your industry has special considerations, we have the expertise necessary to assist you. To learn more about the ways we can serve you, contact us today.

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