The Challenge

Process and Layout Evaluation of New Facility - Motor Vehicle Manufacturer

Design Systems, Inc. (DSI) assisted a motor vehicle manufacturer with decisions on the production of a new vehicle in their new facility. DSI’s manufacturing group analyzed and reviewed a proposed layout that processes 15000 vehicles per year in the new facility. In addition to the review, recommendations of defining the building requirements for the process were requested. DSI proposed an alternate layout to enhance the process and material flow through the facility on top of providing recommendations the current plan for the new facility.

The Solution
  • Review the material flow through the facility to support an 8-hour inventory of commodities.
  • Define the labor requirement.
  • Evaluate the proposed process.
  • Size the space for material marshaling and storage.
  • Revise the plan of the new facility to improve the material flow, conveying systems, and production of the new product in the new facility.
  • Provide a cost estimate of the recommendations
The DSI Difference
  • Reviewed the new building with updates on space, structure, docks, utilities and compliance to fire codes
  • Determined the manufacturing and storage areas are too small for the proposed layout and modifications to the building are suggested
  • Requirement of 89 operators for the proposed process compared to the planned 87 operators
  • Requirement of approximately 60,000 sq. ft. is needed for storage of all processes compared to the planned 30,000 sq. ft. estimate
  • Provided areas of concern and recommendations to the current layout plan
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  • Engineering
  • Consulting
  • Motor Vehicles

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