electrical engineering servicesWhat Services Do Electrical Engineers Provide? We provide electrical engineering services and support for facilities including power distribution and load planning, lighting, ventilation and networking.

Some of the more advanced areas of electrical and controls engineering include: system integration, manufacturing execution systems (MES), routing and tracking systems including RFID and barcoding, Data acquisition systems including FIS, Andon/Quality Alert Systems, and error proofing.

Additional aspects of electrical engineering we specialize in include:

  • PLC Programing and Human Machine Interface (HMI) Design
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic On-Site Field Wiring Checkout
  • Development of Electrical Schematics
  • Production Standby Support
  • Control Panel Design
  • Customer Training
  • Modular Design
  • Field Wiring Drawings
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Electrical Design through Installation
  • On-Site Testing and Commissioning
  • Control Systems Design and Architecture

Traits To Look for Before Hiring an Electrical Engineering Firm

As an occupational specialty, electrical engineering began shining in the late 19th century and came into its own in the early 20th century.

This specialized area has been growing ever since. Electrical engineering services such as those provided by DSI are in great demand in the modern, system-driven world.

Whether it is designing a new piece of telecommunications equipment or developing intricate new circuits to improve a computer network, this field plays a huge role in how business gets done today. If you need specialized electrical engineering services for your company, or think you might, here are some traits to look for before you hire a firm.


electrical engineering firmsWhen considering electrical engineering firms, look for one that is not afraid to be on the front line of electrical system development.

You want to work with a company that encourages its engineers to look for cutting-edge developments that can lead to strides forward in your operations. Engineers who work in a company with an atmosphere that encourages forward-thinking are more likely to return pioneering solutions that deliver the results you need.


Generally, it is best to seek a firm with experience with your particular project requirements. In addition to practical knowledge, look for a firm that expects expertise from its engineers. Such a firm likely cultivates an environment that encourages its engineers to grow their skills.

This sort of flow supports fresh ideas. Some companies with many years’ experience in manufacturing electrical systems many even be able to expand their specialties and develop advanced customized systems for clients in diverse areas.


An electrical engineering firm that comes up with creative answers is one with a vibrant atmosphere. In such a company, engineers feel excited about their work, and as a result, they deliver inventive systems. Such a company will likely encourage its engineers to collaborate completely on all phases of a project, from conceptualization to production to testing. This level of involvement and commitment is important for not only creativity but also quality.

Environmental Awareness

There is an increasing focus on environmentally conscious solutions, and some electrical engineering companies are responding. No matter what the nature of your engineering projects may be, it is good to keep environmentally friendly results in mind.

Laws governing this area may change, and you will be in a better position if you are already factoring this consideration into your electrical systems rather than trying to rush to catch up. Firms that focus on environmental awareness are often looking ahead to the future.


An electrical engineering company that delivers consistently successful results over time deserves serious consideration. Look for a firm dedicated to quality and inventiveness. This means the firm has guidelines in place for designing and manufacturing as well as rigorous testing procedures.

An electrical engineering firm that offers solid results repeatedly is much more likely to provide you with a working solution that helps your business run better.

Hiring an Engineering Authority

No matter what your industry is, before you hire an electrical engineering firm for your project, consider specific traits that could point to a good relationship and a positive result. Certain key attributes often inform the way an electrical engineering firm handles the entire process, from conceptualization to creation to checking the finished solution.

Electrical and Controls Engineering: Emulation

Experienced electrical engineering companies provide customers with the capability to emulate and verify their controls logic for new or modified production systems. DSI’s emulation process establishes a virtual environment for a specific material handling system or production environment with full functionality, feedback, and a 3D graphical view of the entire system.

It also creates representations of control panels and allows the common field faults to be applied to a programmable logic controller (PLC) logic. This emulated environment allows us to analyze an entire material handling system in an office setting without effecting production.

DSI also has the ability to easily stage test specific and targeted scenarios while running the system at full capacity to verify capabilities.

Emulation allows extensive testing of control and diagnostic hardware prior to a material handling plant installation greatly reducing start-up time and providing additional cost savings.

“Bottom-Line” Results

emulation for logic validation

  • Minimal debug and start-up times.
  • Logic testing and debug prior to construction.
  • Ability to test complex routing requirements.
  • System operator and maintenance training.
  • Risk mitigation.
  • Substantial start-up cost savings.

Electrical Engineering Firms

DSI is among the leading electrical engineering firms in the world. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive engineering services and industrial engineering solutions.