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What We Do

Equipment & Tool Design

We develop equipment and tooling for any specific need. Our experienced engineers can provide optimum solutions from the application of off the shelf products to designing a specialized solution.

Not every problem can be solved by off-the-shelf products. Design Systems, Inc.’s team of highly trained and experienced Mechanical and Conveyor Engineers can design the specialized solutions that your unique manufacturing operation deserves. Design Systems, Inc. takes the time to understand your process and design a solution that meets your unique requirements.

Our engineers sketch out a simple design
"Napkin" Concept
We spec the tooling or equipment with precise dimensions and tolerances
Design Drawing
The tool or equipment is fabricated using the latest 3D software
The tool or equipment is integrated into the process on the facility floor
Facility Implementation
How We Do It
Even for an item as simple as a prop tool for a door, Design Systems, Inc. Engineers are still thinking outside of the box. Our Engineers may still use simple sketches for a design, but ultimately your company will have a professionally finished product that will meet your facilities expectations.
Why We Do It
  • Customer has a unique new product that needs a component or carrier designed
  • New Products require new tools/station equipment to be designed
  • Building of a brand new facility requires overall tooling & development layout
  • Unique designs specifically for product/client
  • Product that will meet your facilities expectations

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