Life As A Young Professional


Why Design Systems?

It was pretty terrifying to leave my field of Biochemistry; I wasn’t sure if I’d be given the same opportunities to succeed or be in an environment where I felt challenged and comfortable at the same time. Those fears quickly dissipated. Not only was I given every opportunity and resource to learn and grow, but I’ve been challenged every day to push myself further and prove myself. DSI is a powerhouse in consulting and cuttingedge technology, with a long lineage of experience and quality. We work on new and exciting projects including good food and fast cars, to aerospace engineering.

What’s your passion?

I enjoy the interpersonal and cooperative aspects of life more than anything – DSI has such a wealth of diversity and there’s a strong sense of unity. We have the chance to interact with many people across several
departments and make a real connection with our clients.

In my free time, I love to dance, climb, and read. Capoeira took me on a journey of self-development which led me to thrive financially and academically, become a forró teacher (Brazilian salsa), a rock climber, and someone who genuinely enjoys working with and helping people.

What’s been your favorite project?

I had the opportunity to work in General Assembly for the first time and it far exceeded my expectations. Scores of people and engineers working together towards the same goal in a loud, bustling setting. There was a strong sense of comradery. The pressure was on and sometimes the hours were long, but it didn’t stop the team from pulling together and getting it done – In the end, I walked through that plant and had a real sense of pride and accomplishment.

What’s a personal results story you have?

I was tasked with printing out a layout pretty early on into a project. I took it upon myself to label, annotate, and color-coordinate the sheet. To this day, months later, it has proven to have become central to almost every conversation about operations, layouts, and strategy.