Power Analysis

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Don’t be Caught Off Guard and Risk Unplanned Downtime

Continuous and consistent electrical power is a necessity in virtually all manufacturing systems. Maintaining these systems can be one of the best investments to make to minimize lost production and the costs associated with lost or inconsistent power. It can literally pay for itself many times over by allowing you to anticipate failures and plan remediation rather than react to it. Design Systems teams of trained engineering specialists can quickly assess your plant equipment for potential or current failure points with no disruption to your production.

The DSI Advantage

We have an experienced and specialized team that has conducted power analysis investigations across North America. These studies have been performed within a diverse range of manufacturing industries and variety of production equipment. Our electrical power analysis assessments are based on technical meter readings and visual inspections. As a professional service firm our results are completely unbiased, objective, and independent. Clients have confidence in our findings, knowing that we do not sell equipment, parts, or maintenance. The final report we provide to you is easy to use by facility engineering and management alike.

Real-World Applications

  • Proper planning for future projects
  • Understand your power & facility
  • Shift from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance
  • Decreased unplanned downtime and risk of unplanned maintenance
  • Greatly Reduce repair costs
  • Meter readings provide live and accurate data to develop a proper preventative maintenance program without hindering production


  • Physical inspections of the equipment in question
  • Infrared “Hot Spot” analysis of control panel, bus connections, and more
  • Customized in-depth reports of meter readings
  • Recommendations for corrective action providing cost savings options