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Preventive Maintenance Solutions

Equipment uptime is critical to throughput, productivity, and success of the manufacturing process. Developing “The Right” preventive maintenance program is crucial to achieving the production goals for any operation. Design Systems, Inc. has the technical expertise and knowledge to assess and update your current maintenance system or develop a new maintenance program that is customized for your facility.

The goal is to create a maintenance organization that keeps the production equipment functioning at a “Like New” or a maintainable level. By having the correct tasks with the right frequencies will provide an effective, efficient maintenance program.

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We are an Executive member of SMRP (Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals)

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Determine the type of work to be performed
Prioritize work by need, duration, excessive backlog time, and review current PM list (if applicable)
Review requirements to complete the actual work. (Need for parts, outside support, additional skills)
Schedule the appropriate work. This will include work that can be completed during the week (Opportunity Maintenance) or weekend work
Schedule / Assign
As work is completed, properly document what was performed, part usage, time, and any additional requirements needed to complete
Was work repetitive or related to a breakdown? Determine if PM task additions or modifications are required
How We Do It
By utilizing Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) concepts, OEM recommendations, and history of similar equipment, we can develop a systematic process to optimize the maintenance plan for any type of process or equipment. Ensuring the correct tasks are performed at the right frequencies, to reduce downtime, improve through-put and increase revenue. We will assess your current maintenance system and develop a program that is customized for your facility.

Conduct Health Assessment:
Inspect material handling systems and equipment to determine current state conditions and identify items with high failure potential.
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Evaluate Maintenance Plan:
Assess the current system and develop a future state program that is tailored to the facility.

Develop Future State Optimization:
We will validate the effective deployment of the maintenance plan and identify any additional adjustments or updates.

Maintenance is always considered a cost center or overhead. “What do I get for my money?”

By improving the current maintenance program or creating a new “lean” maintenance approach, DSI can help move maintenance to a profit center by increasing the life expectancy of the equipment, improve quality, decrease downtime, better utilization of the maintenance staff, and eliminate waste (Critical spare part identification).

Why We Do It
  • Increase Equipment Uptime
  • Better utilization of Maintenance Team
  • Increase Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • Change Maintenance from “Reactive” to “Predictive”
  • Decrease Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
  • Remove Waste (Complete the Right PM’s at the Right Time)
  • Maintain Equipment at a “Like New” condition
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Reduce “reactive” maintenance needs
  • Optimize maintenance resources
  • Minimize maintenance overtime
  • Improve useful life of equipment
  • Improve energy efficiency

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