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Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PHSR or PSR) / TSSA

A regulatory requirement in Ontario, Canada, We provide PSR and TSSA application, compliance, review and remedial engineering services.

As part of our engineering services to our clients, Design Systems, Canada, LTD can provide across the board assistance to ensure that our Clients and their suppliers, comply with and meet, the provincial requirements for PSR and for TSSA inspections and approvals.

Evaluate which items in the facility would require a PSR
Site Assessment
Existing PSR may be obsolete and a new PSR may be required
Existing PSR Compliance
Review any process without a PSR, report deficiencies and ensure they are resolved
Processes Without PSR
PSR with a sealed stamp of engineering approval from a licensed Ontario PE provided
Completed PSR
How We Do It
Our licensed Professional Engineers will ensure you are in compliance.
Why We Do It
  • Guarding
      • Does your equipment have adequate guarding to ensure employees can’t get hurt?
      • Did the guarding come with the equipment and is it up to local standards?
        • Retrofit guarding is only adequate if it meets current standards
      • Have any of the safety measures been tampered with or removed?
  • Racking and Stacking Structures
      • Do you have materials, articles or things stored on a structure like a rack or stacking structure? All of the following require a PSR:
        • Industrial pallet racks
        • Moveable shelf racks
        • Stacker racks
        • Drive-in and drive through racks
        • Cantilever racks
  • Spray Booths
    • A PSR is required if a process involves a risk of ignition or explosion that creates imminent hazard to a person’s health or safety

  • Lifting Devices
    • Lifting Devices, Flammable Liquid, Dust Collection, Molten Metal and Chemical Processing also may require a PSR.

  • Exemptions
    • Even with exemptions to a PSR, you are still required to maintain adequate documentation of the exemption.

  • Fewer WSIB claims improve morale and reduce insurance premiums.
  • Reduced lost time injuries increases productivity.
  • A safe work environment is not only the best business environment, but it is the RIGHT work environment for your employees to perform safe profitable work.
Expected Deliverables
  • List of process deficiencies
  • Optional Engineered Solutions to resolve deficiencies
  • Optional Program Management to implement resolutions
  • Sealed PSR by a P-Eng Licensed in Ontario

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