Network Design/Optimization

What We Do

Network Design and Optimization

Design Systems, Inc. is able to model scenarios, and reduce complexity to lower total delivered cost. We determine the optimal infrastructure plan to support the business operations, it is critical that key business data (total supply chain cost, customer service and strategic business initiatives), from your ERP and business insights are included.

Why We Do It
  • Distribution Centers
    • Plant, warehouse and distribution center locations and utilization

  • Capacity
    • Capacity available at each location

  • Transportation Modes
    • Transportation modes and lanes used to reduce lead time and move product through network

  • Customers Served
    • Which customers should be served from each facility, by mode of transportation

  • Expansion
    • When is expansion of capacity needed, where and how it should occur

  • Business Operations Management
    • When merging business or operations across subsidiaries, which facilities should be used and at what levels, and which ones should be closed

  • Implementation
    • Implementation of recommended network: project plan, bid management, implementation management

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