digital twin manufacturingHave you or your manufacturing team ever been paralyzed by a difficult decision? Your manufacturing process requires intense monitoring, routine maintenance and careful adjustments to operate at peak efficiency. Discover how digital twin manufacturing takes much of the guesswork out of maintaining and improving your manufacturing process and how DSI can assist you with this state-of-the-art solution.

Digital Twin IoT (Internet of Things)

Digital twin is a process that involves digitizing your entire manufacturing facility. By creating a digital copy of all the processes, parameters and other factors of your facility, digital twin technology can then alter variables and see how hypothetical situations could turn out.

All of these variables are addressed in real-time to help engineers monitor the production line and facility operation. If there are any errors in the manufacturing process or inefficiencies in your equipment, the digital twin can identify them and immediately troubleshoot the problem. This allows you to see a potential solution to the issue, saving time on maintenance and emergency repair issues.

Digital twin is just one exciting development possible through the Internet of Things, or IoT. Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 use digital twin as a synchronized system of digital improvements. The process of gaining meaningful data, interpreting it and delivering it to key personnel allows your facility to operate at peak efficiency.
Don’t let data sheets, charts and figures obscure the bottom line of all this monitoring.

Your current production facility is loaded with information that can help you improve its efficiency, but interpreting this data often proves too difficult and time-consuming. Digital twin offers visualization features that help this data come to life. See first-hand what it might look like to alter a single variable or make a major adjustment to your facility. These adjustments all happen digitally, so the risk is avoided if an adjustment proves to be inefficient.

Manufacturing Possibilities Using Digital Twin Technology

What do your customers think of your products? How are your products being used, interpreted and compared with your customers? These questions often go unanswered in the industrial manufacturing world. Through digital twin IOT, you can access an essential data stream of customer information and insight. This allows you to better adapt your products and services to meet your customers’ needs.

Digital twin can also put efficiency suggestions directly into the hands of your engineering team. Instead of operating your business as usual, your engineers can use the twin of your production facility to test out new options and identify inefficient points in your current setup. These can be maintenance issues, organizational issues or operational parameters.

Take much of the risk out of innovation. Instead of turning your facility into a laboratory where your engineers test out new solutions, use a digital model of your facility instead. Digital twin gives your team the resources necessary to experiment freely without worrying about actual hazards or productivity risks.

Digital twin combines seamlessly with other industry 4.0 technologies to keep your manufacturing facility at the cutting edge of productivity. Our team at Design Systems can assist you with implementing this and other innovative strategies to collect, interpret and act on data already in your facility. Visualization and prediction features allow this data to spring to life and assist you in managing your production line.

Create an Agile, State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Process With DSI

This is just the start of how the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can accelerate your manufacturing process. At Design Systems, we offer the latest convergence of information and operational technologies. Contact us today to learn more about how we can update your facility and provide you with the full advantages of industry 4.0 and digital twin technology.

DSI at the Automation Alley Tech Takeover on 1/29/2020. DSI had a panel of experts discussing the steps to building a digital twin and as well as the ROI that can be expected.