The Challenge

A large domestic postal service company approached Design System’s Manufacturing group for studying material handling operations at their facility The team used a measurement tool called Business Process Improvement (BPI) to identify areas for improvement, measure the impact of the changes and ultimately minimize capital investment. The changes identified were piloted at the distribution centers where incoming, outgoing, and bulk mail is handled.

The Solution
  • Establish criteria for BPI analysis
  • Gather data and observe current state material handling techniques
  • Identify areas of improvement with different analyses and studies
  • Determine impact by providing savings in cost, time, and degree of success (Low, Medium, and High)
The DSI Difference
  • Developed 15 recommendations to improve material handling techniques using the BPI analysis.
  • Estimated $2.2 million annual savings if recommendations are implemented.
  • Measured a savings of 60,750 labor hours per year with material handling changes.
  • Recommended 7 general improvements that contribute to optimizing material handling
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Engineering
  • Parcel Handling

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