Custom Metal Processing Facility – Preventive Maintenance

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Preventive Maintenance


Custom Metal Processing Facility


A custom metal processing company had a maintenance issue and turned to DSI for help. They needed assistance with creating a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for their manufacturing equipment. Additionally, the customer needed a central location to identify, record and schedule preventive maintenance for the identified machines. The overall goal was to create a maintenance program that keeps the production equipment functioning at a maintainable level.


The DSI team took a phased based approach that was planned out and agreed upon before arriving on site. The target equipment was the four (4) manufacturing lines and the associated equipment. Because of the limited data available, the DSI team utilized Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) concepts, OEM recommendations, and a history of similar equipment to create the maintenance program. The DSI team delivered both electronic and physical maintenance documentation where all tasks could be recorded and stored in one central location. The final step was to provide the necessary training on how to use the newly developed maintenance tasking manuals and schedules.

“Bottom Line” Results

  • DSI’s Team created a recurring maintenance schedule for production equipment and components on all four (4) of the manufacturing lines.
  • The DSI Team provided a centralized repository to house all of the maintenance records and validation of the completed tasks.
  • DSI was able to supply the necessary preventive maintenance documentation and training without any impact to production.