Business Case Development


Considering adding production capability to your existing facility network? Maybe you outsource certain processes and want to bring these in-house but don’t know where to start. Let Design Systems, Inc. Engineering and Consulting professionals help with the planning and development of your business case. Expanding operations can be an exciting time but before you do, you need to fully understand the magnitude of project, the added cost to operations, and most importantly the Return-on-Investment you can anticipate should you move forward. With our 30+ years of serving manufacturing and industrial customers, Design Systems, Inc. is very skilled at designing, planning and preparing business cases to provide the decision makers all the information they need to make sound decisions about future growth plans. Areas addressed will include proper building sizing and facility requirements, identification of equipment requirements, roll-up of utility demands, determination of added manpower requirements, cost estimates for project execution and ongoing operations, and most importantly a Return-on-Investment calculation that is based on sound engineering practices.