Design Systems, Inc. Offers More Than Meets the Eye


What DSI Offers

Determining best overall value can be a difficult task. What do you value in your vendors and suppliers? Are you only looking for that single lowest cost, regardless of experience and company integrity?

At Design Systems, Inc., we believe that our customers want and expect much more than that. At Design Systems, we become partners with our customers. We are an extension of their engineering staffs. One recent example illustrates this perfectly: A past customer with whom we did business years ago recently came upon a conveyor design and simulation model we performed for them for an area they are looking to update. This customer no longer could find any of the drawings or files associated with this project but were inquiring with us if we had any of the information. Well, we not only had all of the information, all the drawings, all the simulation models – we also still have the employees who performed the study and have an intimate knowledge of their foundry plant. How do you put a value on a company’s stability and longevity? On a company that truly becomes a partner with our customers, with a long-term vision? While staffing firms come and go, engineering companies start-up and disappear, Design Systems continues to be a leading provider of manufacturing / process engineering services to the global community. We kind of think it might have something to do with our customers expecting more of us and always being there when called upon.