Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things – Design Systems, Inc. at Kon-Cept MMS Academy 2016


Earlier this summer, our Vice President of Sales and Operations, Dan Birchmeier, had the opportunity to take part in an event focusing on Industry 4.0. The event – MMS Academy – was hosted by our partner, Kon-Cept at their development campus in Stadt Haag, Austria.

Under the theme ‘Communicating’s easy with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 transforming production’ numerous IT professionals and production specialists from industry gathered.

Dan spoke as one of three thought leaders at the event, offering a North American perspective on the topic of industry 4.0 manufacturing.

  • Shop Floor Digitization (Andreas Staffen, Deloitte)
  • Innovations in Industry 4.0 – Practical Implementation of (Dr. Tobias Hegmanns, Fraunhofer IML)
  • North America Manufacturing in the Digital Age (Dan Birchmeier, DSI).

Dan also participated in a panel discussion, moderated by the chief editor of FACTORY magazine, Elisabeth Biedermann. The discussion allowed the industry experts to have dialogue and answer questions about key issues faced by today’s manufacturers.

The annual event provided a unique opportunity to gather industry leaders together to learn and discuss the improvements that are possible in manufacturing industry due to advancements in IT.