Manufacturing engineering consultingAs a company that deals with precise processes every day, you need precise solutions now. At Design Systems, Inc. we have teams of engineers who understand your manufacturing problems and are prepared to create a system that best meets your needs. Challenges come in many forms, and by welcoming our manufacturing engineering consultants to your team, we become a force to face those challenges head on.

Manufacturing Engineering Solutions

As one of top engineering consulting firms in the world, some of the industrial engineering solutions and services DSI offers include mechanical engineering consulting, lean manufacturing consulting, and world class manufacturing. In addition, our team includes expert supply chain consultants and supply chain planners.

A Range of Possibilities

No two solutions will be exactly alike, which is why our consultants look at every detail to figure out which systems can be improved and where your efforts are best spent. The following are some examples for you to consider.

  • Control Systems – By helping you understand how your quality alert, control panels and other systems work together, we’ll maximize productivity.
  • Electrical Systems – Pulling together lighting, power distribution and other electrical systems, we’ll analyze quality and energy efficiency to suggest a more effective way to power your operations.
  • Industrial Systems – This includes everything from waste reduction to more efficient workstations, and we accomplish it by integrating processes and people, when and where they should be.
  • Mechanical Systems – DSI is among the top mechanical engineering companies in the world. Working on site, we’ll analyze the mechanics that make up your manufacturing process and put our engineers to work to fulfill your needs.
  • Structural Systems – Whether you are looking at a new facility or are working to improve your existing building, we’ll design and create the support needed.

  • Additionally, we look at building utility systems, tooling, paint processes and more. Our goal is to make sure you are given the best industrial engineering solutions and engineering services available with the best service in the market. With over 35 years in the business, we are confident that our manufacturing engineering consulting firm will achieve that goal.

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