Reduce Project Costs and Timing – United States Postal Service

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Design Systems, Inc., is poised to respond to customer needs with a large, multi-disciplined engineering and management staff, providing project services from concept through implementation.

Design Systems, Inc., has a large range of postal experience including:

  • New P&DC Facility Fixed Mechanization
  • Ergonomic Analysis and Simulation
  • Noise Abatement
  • Tray Transport and Bulk Mail Transport System design and implementation including parcel and sack mail conveyance and sorters
  • Emergency Egress, Aisle Stripe, Material Flow
  • Powered Industrial Vehicle Flow, monitoring systems
  • Gravity Take-Up/Surge Assessment
  • Composite sorter upgrade
  • Conveyor Upgrades and Modifications
  • Structural Analysis
  • Equipment Enhancement Program – OSHA

Integrated Dispatch and Receipt Program Our USPS qualifications include:

  • USPS Material Handling Systems Engineering Support Services (E.S.S.) 2001-2006
  • Pre-qualified for Next Generation Material Handling System Contracts

Design Systems Inc. qualified as a USPS 2001 Quality Award finalist.

Design Systems, Inc.‘s multi-discipline engineering teams include:

  • Mechanical/Conveyor Systems
  • Structural
  • Electrical/Controls
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Simulation / Emulation
  • Paint/Environmental
  • Computer Services

DSI is uniquely qualified to provide the USPS with the engineering and managerial tools necessary to improve deployment strategies, shorten design times, improve design efficiencies, and oversee implementation of new programs.

  • Experienced with all levels of postal process and equipment from bulk mail handling conveyance to letter sorting machines
  • Mail process knowledge and background leads to process driven designs that accommodate reduced manpower requirements with ergonomic considerations.
  • Conveyor/Equipment – Health Assessments
  • Conveyor/Equipment – Layout Design
  • Structural Validation
  • Experience in bulk mail centers
  • Experience in process distribution center / facility
  • Experience in airport mail center / facility
  • Torque Validation Surveys

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    Proper fastening is a major issue concerning the quality of vehicles leaving the plant. Torque testing prior to launch and as an ongoing quality validation tool, could significantly reduce downtime and warranty costs.

    Torque testing is used to measure multiple criteria determining the quality of a connection:

    • Dynamic Torque -measured by an Electronic Torque Transducer during the tightening process.
    • Dynamic Angle- – revolutions required to secure a fastener
    • Residual Torque- – Torque required to restart a tightened fastener

    Purpose of Torque Validation:

    • Ensure process repeatability
    • Validate that engineering specifications are met
    • Track repeatability of each tool during production
    • Reduce repair/warranty issues.
    • Provide supporting data for torque related issues

    Torque Validation Surveys are performed:

    • Design Systems provides all tools and services necessary to gather, report and file valid data.
    • Database driven analysis allows for results reporting in a consistent format.
    • Statistics revalidated on a frequent basis for comparison analysis.
    • Data can be used to show negative or positive trends necessary for prompt resolution.


    • “First time” quality assurance at launch
    • Customer satisfaction assurance
    • Mitigate warranty claims costs
    • Improve product reliability results
    • Second audit verifies and documents that specifications have been met
    • Dedicated personnel allows “Lower Task Cost” and a higher degree of accuracy
    • “Real time” statistics will be documented
    • Daily reporting for immediate notification of out of spec processes

    Site Safety Standardization

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    Develop a Comprehensive Standardized Site Safety System for Training and Reporting


    Jefferson North Assembly


    1. Provide a standardized approach to Site Safety.
    2. Provide site specific references for Safety Procedures and key contacts.
    3. Provide a common and comprehensive framework for Safety training.
    4. Provide flexible tracking and reporting for Site Safety Training and Incident Reports.
    5. Increase Site Safety effectiveness and reduce Owner Liability.


    Incorporate major facility and equipment changes for a new vehicle assembly process. Project included numerous construction and installation contractors, with skilled trade and general labor crews, working on the site simultaneously.


    • Facility construction and equipment installation on schedule.
    • Actual Site Safety record exceeded all client goals and objectives.
    • Site safety reporting requirement simplified for a more efficient and timely process.

    Integrated Dispatch & Receipt

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    Design Systems, Inc. has provided engineering assistance for the design of new equipment layouts. Our experience includes: coordination with site and equipment manufacturer, on – site project management during installation, testing and start-up. Coordination role is critical to meet schedule and obtain desired throughput.

    Infrared Technology for Predictive Maintenance

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    Heat is a common indicator of abnormal equipment operations and is often indicative of premature failure. Inspecting equipment using infrared technology before there is a major problem will significantly reduce the premature failure and the costs associated with downtime.

    Infrared Thermography provides a detailed photograph of each piece of operating equipment, indicating its “Heat Signature”. The amount of temperature rise over the normal operating temperature as well as an understanding of the equipment’s criticality to the operation, provides a good indicator of the severity of a problem. Typical applications include:


    equipment / systems to detect abnormal overheating from loose connections, corrosion, load imbalances, etc… in high and low voltage equipment.


    systems to identify heat build-up associated with friction, misalignment or mechanical stress in equipment, including gear sets, pumps, motors and compressors

    Energy Management

    to locate areas of energy loss or gain to optimize insulation or design efficiencies (building envelopes, roof moisture surveys, boilers, chillers).


    applications to image and diagnose thermal patterns in industrial process equipment (presses, forming machines, welders, furnaces.)

    Surveys are Performed:

    • While equipment is operating and under full load.
    • Using non-destructive testing that does not interrupt operations.
    • Without contacting the target object.
    • A safe distance from energized electrical equipment, rotating equipment, or equipment in hazardous locations.

    DSI Solutions:

    • 25 years of facility and equipment experience
    • Design Systems hands-on engineering staff has the experience to define a solution after diagnosing the problem
    • The Infrared survey can be performed in conjunction with the Conveyor and Equipment Health Assessments.


    • Reduce unplanned downtime
    • Improve useful life of equipment
    • Improve energy efficiency
    • Reduce property damage and losses
    • Establish repair priorities improving maintenance efficiency

    Continuous Improvement – Material Flow

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    Continuous Improvement initiatives can have several interpretations, but the results make the difference. Design Systems is recognized for quality performance on engineering, design and program management projects. Continuous improvement are an integral part of all of our assignments, but it is becoming more and more often a specific task assignment to identify continuous improvement opportunities in existing facilities.

    Food and Beverage

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    Increase Profitability with Lean Techniques

    Design Systems, Inc. provides comprehensive engineering, facility design and re-engineering services that enable you to maximize the productivity of your people, equipment, control systems and your facility. Using lean principles we will help you identify needs, create processes and implement strategies that increase bottom line profitability.

    Lean is the philosophy that shortens the time between customer service and customer satisfaction by eliminating the sources of waste. Typically, 90-95% of total “in process” time is non-value added.

    The “seven wastes” are commonly defined as:

    • Errors
    • Waiting
    • Inventory
    • Over-processing
    • Over-capacity
    • Transportation
    • Motion

    An “eighth waste” can be identified as under-utilized personnel.

    To embrace the lean philosophy and reduce the high cost of waste in the food and beverage industries we:

    • Analyze work methods
    • Increase value-added activities
    • Reduce labor
    • Eliminate errors
    • Reduce capital equipment costs
    • Reduce worker’s compensation claims
    • Standardize protocols and processes


    • Reduce Capital Investment
    • Reduce Annual Operating Expense
    • Reduce Direct / Indirect Labo

    Baggage Handling Equipment & Systems Engineering Services

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    Baggage Handling Equipment & Systems Engineering Services

    Design Systems, a full service material handling, conveyor engineering system integrator and project management company, can and will provide the best solution for your specific requirements. Our staff of over 300 engineers can address every aspect of your conveyor project from concept development and appropriation requests, to system control design and real time baggage tracking through field start-up and commissioning. If your organization is looking to improve current operations, implement a new “Brownfield” strategy or considering a new “Greenfield” installation, Design Systems will provide the engineered solution to meet your needs.

    Specialty Areas
    • Conveyor Systems Design
    • Structural Design
    • Hanger Steel Design
    • Load Calculations
    • Conveyor Equipment Integration
    • Tracking Systems
    • Computer Simulations
    • 3-D Layout development
    • Installation Field Support & Debug
    • Drawing Reviews
    • Submittal Drawings
    • Shop Drawings
    • Equipment Survey
    • Equipment trouble shooting
    • Supplier Evaluations
    • Start up Assistance
    • Baggage Handling Analysis
    • In- Line Screening Systems Analysis
    • Simulation
    • Volume Increase Impact
    • Controls Emulation
    • Throughput Analysis
    • Increased Productivity
    • Congestion Analysis
    • Mechanical Design
    • Conveyor Systems Design
    • Electrical / Controls Systems
    • Cost Estimating
    • Bid Package Development
    • Program Management
    • Project Scheduling
    • Conveyor / Equipment Health Assessments
    • Infrared Technology for Predictive Maintenance


    • Optimize Equipment Utilization
    • Increase Throughput
    • Cost Savings Through “Right Sizing”
    • On Schedule Systems & Commissioning

    Pharmaceutical and Health Care

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    Increase your profitability with lean techniques

    Design Systems, Inc. provides comprehensive engineering, facility design and re-engineering services that enable you to maximize the productivity of your people, equipment, control systems and your facility.

    Using lean principles we will help you identify needs, create processes and implement strategies that increase bottom line profitability.
    Lean is the philosophy that shortens the time between customer service and customer satisfaction by eliminating the sources of waste.

    Typically, 90-95% of total “in process” time is non-value added.

    Powertrain Services

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    Established in 1983 with headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Design Systems, Inc. is a multi-discipline manufacturing engineering and consulting firm with strategic office locations to serve the global marketplace.

    For over thirty years, Design Systems, Inc. has provided engineering services, construction professional services, and full-service staffing for automotive, heavy truck, aerospace and defense, package handling, steel manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, health care, and many other industries.

    Since 2007, Design Systems, Inc. has provided over 400,000 hours of engineering services, construction professional services, and full-service staffing to our Powertrain Customers.

    Powertrain Engineering Services and Construction Professional Services

    Design Systems, Inc. provides engineering services and construction professional services for the removal, scrap, storage, relocation, retool, and installation of Powertrain process equipment.

    • Machining / grinding, coolant filtration, ATF, wash, and chip processing
    • Sub-assembly, mainline assembly, test, and button-up
    • Kitting areas, team areas, material areas, maintenance and support areas
    Typical design packages include:
    • Identification of process equipment
    • Collection of OEM installation drawings, data sheets, and scope of work documents
    • Design of mechanical, electrical, and network utility connections
    • Routing of coolant supply and return piping
    • Design of mist collection, dust collection, and process exhaust systems.
    • Design of structural supports for utilities, coolant piping and tanks, mist / dust / exhaust systems, bridge cranes, service rails, tool rails, fall protection beams, and Andon boards
    • Compilation of master utility data matrix
    • Electric load study, balance, and arch flash hazard analysis
    • Drawings and documents required to solicit competitive bids
    Construction professional services include:
    • On-site support: program managers, project managers, engineers, construction safety professionals, contract managers, document controllers, planners / schedulers, field coordinators, and clerks / administrative assistants
    • Project management
    • Bid and award management
    • Change control
    • Construction safety
    • Document control
    • Contract closeout
    Additional services include:
    • Process equipment layout development
    • Industrial and material flow engineering
    • Laser scanning and 3D modeling
    • Simulation
    • Plant trades engineering (detailed engineering)
    • Electric power measurements
    • Integration of plant floor information systems
    • Launch support
    • Full-service staffing
    • Early involvement of key players
    • Early identification of facility / utility requirements
    • Early identification of facility / utility deficiencies (overload)
    • Competitive bids
    • Safety – “Safety Is Priority One”
    • Quality
    • Cost control
    • On-time deliver