Conveyor Training at Design Systems, Inc.


Have new employees that need basic Conveyor Training? Maybe you are adding some new systems to your existing factory and need to train existing employees on the operation and maintenance of these systems? Let Design Systems, Inc.’s team of experienced conveyor engineers provide this training. This proven Conveyor Training Seminar is designed to teach facility engineering personnel the basics of Conveyor Systems Engineering so they will have an understanding of the systems’ overall functions. Systems included in the training include; Overhead Power & Free, Inverted Power & Free, Skillet Systems, Chain-on-edge Systems, Skid Systems, Flattop Systems, Power Roll and Belt Systems, and basic Transfer Systems.

This course and great for cross-training plant personnel. People who will benefit from attending this course typically will include: Plant and Facility Engineers, Supervisors, Building Engineers, Safety Directors, Environmental Health & Safety professionals.