MAMA MIA! DSI Joins Aerospace Association


Michigan Aerospace Manufacturing Association

Design Systems, Inc.’s manufacturing process design and integration services are well suited to support any industry that manufactures a product, from cars and heavy-trucks to potato chips and jet airliners. The Aerospace industry in years past was less concerned about process design and lean engineering but in today’s competitive and global environment, they are seeing the benefits of bringing this knowledge to them. To help this introduction, Design Systems, Inc. is now a professional corporate member of MAMA – the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturing Association.

The mission of the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association (“MAMA”) is to: serve and represent the interests of Michigan’s aerospace and defense manufacturing firms with a single unified voice, to provide educational programs and industry research to its members, and to promote the State of Michigan’s Aerospace and Defense manufacturing community within the global industry.

MAMA’s objective is to be the supply chain of choice that is recognized for taking the “costs out of cost” for services, manufactured components, assemblies and complete systems. They are designed to take the risk out of the supply chain by having the best in class suppliers for cost, quality and delivery.

The message is clear – the manufacturing process design and lean engineering principles of Design Systems, Inc. can be a difference maker for Aerospace companies that want to continue to deliver the best quality at the best price. Those who do not – will be left in the jet stream.