Design Systems, Inc. – Investing In The Future


The backbone of any world class manufacturing engineering service provider is the intersection of its most valuable resources: people, real estate, and technological infrastructure. Design Systems, Inc. has recently made sizable investments in the first two resources as our business continues to grow, and are now targeting our network and server infrastructure for a complete ground-up overhaul. This timely and much-needed upgrade is focused on building a faster, larger, and more reliable framework to support all of our computer operations, providing our talented engineering staff with top-of-the-line tools and hardware to continue delivering the level of service and detail our customers have come to expect. Highlights of this effort include:

  • Virtualization of all server hardware – replacing aging hardware infrastructure with environment that can grow with future computing demands
  • Massive, scalable increase in storage capacity, accommodates ever-growing data, 3D scanning, and archival needs
  • 20x increase in throughput between host servers
  • 10x increase in network speed between floors at our main office in Farmington Hills, MI
  • Ability to have dedicated channels to individual machines for high-bandwidth applications
  • Streamlined backup operations and simple, fast retrieval of files